My Top 5 Favorite Whole30 Recipes

Hi guys, happy Thursday! Some of you might already know but I started the Whole30 challenge with a group from my CrossFit gym on Saturday and I have to say I’m excited to see how it will affect my body but also a little nervous about following through. I’m on day 5 and feeling pretty good so far! I know there are bound to be ups and downs but I’m ready. I will say it helps to tackle these 30 days with other people so if you’re thinking about starting I definitely suggest recruiting some friends to join you! We have a Facebook group that’s so helpful for sharing recipes, asking questions and cheering each other on!

My little man is even joining in for some of the fun! And no, I’m not making my 8-year-old fully participate but he will be eating the meals I fix at home and we’ll be learning a lot about making healthy food choices!


I’ve tried out lots of new recipes which has been fun and I want to share a few of my favorites with you. My friend Christine and I set up a Pinterest board just for our favorite recipes so make sure to follow along. Not every recipe is Whole30 approved but they all should be easily adaptable. There are so many other recipes I plan on trying so when I find good ones I’ll be sharing on Facebook. Like our page so you don’t miss any!

Here are My Top 5 Favorite Whole30 Recipes:

1. Nom Nom Paleo Kalua Pork

This recipe was probably the biggest hit of all in our house! You only use salt, pepper and garlic to season the meat and it’s so flavorful. You serve it over the cabbage which I thought might be weird but I liked it as much as the pork itself. We cooked it in my friend’s Instant Pot and it was so easy! There are conventional cooking instructions included in the recipe too.

By the way, have you guys heard about the Instant Pot? It’s a seriously cool pressure cooker that cooks practically ANYTHING…and FAST! I don’t own one yet, I’ve only borrowed it, but I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on Amazon!

2. Cream of Parsley Soup from Sexy Food Therapy

I know this soup looks and sounds weird but I promise it is delicious! I didn’t puree ours as much as it is in this picture from the original recipe but you can do it however you like!

Here is our version and I have a few tips: 1. My Ninja blender pureed the mixture better than my food processor. 2. Use ghee instead of butter of course. 3. I used almost my whole bunch of parsley instead of just a large handful. 4. I used 1 tsp of pepper but next time I’ll cut that in half or just salt and pepper to taste at the end. 5. My son wasn’t sure about the green soup by itself so I boiled and shredded a pack of chicken breasts and added it to the soup – I love it with or without chicken. It’s super easy too!

3. Homemade Larabars from Well Made Heart

I literally made these last night and they are SO yummy! I’ve made several of these nut and date bars but this one might be my favorite and it’s Whole30! Give me ALL the dates please!

I didn’t have any cashews on hand so I just used almonds. I doubled the recipe when I made them and added almond slivers on top.

4. Jalapeno Turkey Burgers from the Organic Kitchen

Sooo…I thought this was a great recipe, the only complaint I have is that it uses ground turkey :) I know it’s probably better for us than beef so if anyone can tell me how to make turkey burgers turn out anything other than bone dry please leave a comment below. I’ll be making these again but will use ground beef next time! We loved the avocado and fried egg though!

5. Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili from The Real Food Dietitians

This recipe is definitely a keeper and there is nothing I changed! It was just right and I highly recommend it!

Okay, I’ve got to know. Are any of you doing Whole30 or have completed it already? I need to know everything! Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. I’m always looking for good snack ideas too!

Here are a few of my favorite resources from books to appliances and food items. Click on the images for the direct links:

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Where headed to the beach today (hence the need for snacks!) where I’ll be shooting my parents new beach house for February’s Home of the Month feature and a I CANNOT wait to share it with you! It is absolutely stunning and they thought of every detail! Follow along on Instagram stories and you can see a little more of the house and OIB!



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    1. Thanks Kristin! You would be proud…I survived eating out every meal this weekend (excluding breakfasts) with my family who LOVES to eat and stayed strong :) We appreciate all your encouragement!

  1. I did the Whole 30 nearly two years ago now and honestly, it was the best thing I ever did! I loved it. It is so hard to start with but really sticking with it is so important. Make sure you have lots of variety as well – we would have pork, chicken, beef, turkey, fish etc on each day so it never got boring. You will feel AMAZING by the end of it, though, I promise. And it taught me so many great habits that I still have and it totally changed how I eat. I am more paleo now than Whole30 as I’ve adapted it a bit here and there to suit me and I still have the odd blow out but that month changed my diet and my body more than anything else I’d ever tried before. I should really do it again at some point soon! :) xx

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