Eddie Ross Modern Mix


Eddie Ross Modern MixEddie Ross Modern Mix

Interior decorating is a skill that can be taught and mastered over time but the ability to mix old and new with color, pattern and texture is a true gift. Eddie Ross possesses that gift – that eye for style and design that can only come from within. I’m sharing his brand new book, Modern Mix, with you today because I couldn’t be more excited about it and truly happy for Eddie.

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with him twice this year (at The Southern C and High Point Market) and his authenticity and humility really caught me off guard. You can ask my partner in crime, Beth Barden. We gushed over how truly down-to-earth Eddie was and how he spent time with us talking and really listening. Getting to know us. That seems so rare these days especially for someone who I’m sure has many other things he could be doing than hanging out with us :) I’m really happy I’ve had the chance to get to know Eddie a little bit and I could go on and on but I really want to tell you about this book.

I had the opportunity of taking a sneak peek into his masterpiece and I cannot wait for it to hit the shelves. It’s like a thrifter’s how-to guide. Eddie teaches us that creating a beautifully curated space can be done on a budget with just a little patience and some elbow grease. He walks us through how to recognize and use metals, fabrics, glass, and ceramics and even shows us how to restore them to their original glory. To top it all off we’re taught how to mix these finds in any style from city living to classic country.

Being constantly consumed by this world of home design, I know how hard and daunting it can be to style a simple vignette, not to mention throwing in a bunch of  vintage finds and adding them to a modern space. This book truly takes the fear and guesswork out of styling your space using meaningful and accessible finds and flawlessly intermixing them into your individual style and decor. So sit back and enjoy your sneak peek…

Eddie Ross Modern Mix

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I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have and you can pre-order your copy HERE! Make sure to comment or share on social media when you’ve put this book into action and how it has inspired you!



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