Little Sips Of Me Time: Why Self Care Is So Important!

Little Sips Of Me Time: Why Self Care Is So Important!

Little Sips Of Me Time: Why Self Care Is So Important!

As the holidays approach and excitement builds, stress and feelings of chaos can creep in before we even realize it. And even if you are the most organized person in the world it can be overwhelming. So listen up…this is your permission to breathe. No really, I know you’re secretly about to explode from excessive travel, one too many Christmas parties or the inevitable last minute gifts so take a minute for yourself. Self-care is essential for enjoying the season, not just surviving!

One of my favorite ways to claim a little time to myself is to send my son off with YaYa and Papa for an afternoon and leisurely shop around for Christmas presents and maybe a little something for myself. A mani/pedi and an afternoon movie with a tub of popcorn and a cold Diet Coke is likely on the agenda too. We are blessed to live in a fun neighborhood where the movie theater, restaurants and shops are all within walking distance. I don’t even have to get in my car to get to my happy place which is a present in itself!


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When I’m able to sneak in a little ‘me time’ it allows me to clear my head and re-focus on what the season is all about – giving. When I am better, I can be better for those I love. In the spirit of giving, Diet Coke provided several care packages to gift to those who deserve a little ‘me time’ for themselves! In these fun backpacks were an assortment of Diet Coke’s in all sizes, a soft cardigan and a flash drive in the shape of lipstick. Seriously, though, how cute is the lipstick?

My mom, who pretty much lives and breathes Diet Coke, is the one person who deserves to be showered with gifts! I don’t know of another person who gives of herself more than our YaYa! She is the glue that binds us together and makes herself available to her children and grandkids at any moment, no questions asked, without expectation.

Little Sips Of Me Time: Why Self Care Is So Important! mom

Little Sips Of Me Time: Why Self Care Is So Important Especially During The Holidays

Another part of the holidays that I love is surprising unsuspecting friends with a little something special and sharing that experience with my son. Giving for the joy of giving and not expecting something in return is a life lesson I want him to learn. We took a couple of gift packages to the homes of friends (that we know love Diet Coke) along with a personal, hand-written note. We left the backpacks filled with goodies for them to enjoy in when they returned home from a long day of work.

Even in the most important teaching moments you’ve got to have a little fun!


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I also recently noticed a friend from church (whom I don’t know all that well) that always seems to have a Diet Coke in hand and I thought it would be a total surprise to show up with a backpack just for her. She was genuinely appreciative and if felt great to put a smile on someone’s face that I might not have engaged with otherwise.

I’ve also been trying to put down my phone a little more and to really take notice of the people around me and opportunities to build relationships. I’m very thankful to Diet Coke for creating the opportunity to spread the gift of giving in our community.

How do you carve out ‘little sips of me time’ for yourself during the holidays? Do you wander through stores or window shop by yourself or do you have a bunch of your girlfriends over to watch Christmas movies? My hope for you – and myself – is that we are able to slow down, even if just for a few hours, in order to recharge our batteries and fully engage in the spirit of the season!

Before you go, make sure to check out how my friends Maggie, Lindsey and Kristen are sneaking in some “me time” and giving back! You might just take away some great new ideas!


{Thank you Diet Coke for sponsoring this post and thank YOU for supporting the brands that make Simple Stylings possible. All designs, ideas and opinions are my own.}

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