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An Evening Out With Village Tavern


An Evening Out With Village Tavern

{Image via Village Tavern}

One of the main things I love about blogging is the opportunity to get involved in the local business community. Blogging is a lot of hard work but when I have evenings like this one spent with Village Tavern where I can create, share and get involved on a local level it makes all of the late nights and multiple cups of coffee worth it!

Village Tavern is a local staple here in Charlotte that has stood the test of time through all of the economic ups and downs. I remember in high school listening to my favorite radio personalities hanging out on the patio at the best happy hour spot in town wishing I were there (or old enough to be)! Village Tavern has been a household name for a long time and I knew it had a great atmosphere, but what I didn’t fully understand was how incredible the food is.

An Evening Out With Village Tavern

{Image via Village Tavern}

A few of my fellow bloggers (Laura of Louella Reese and Chrissie of Off the Eaten Path) and I got to take a behind the scenes look into the restaurant and the care that they put into each dish. Lead by the amazing chef, Mary Grace Viado Howard, we re-created their pimiento cheese and guacamole dip duo and the pimiento cheese deviled eggs step by step. The applewood-smoked bacon with brown sugar was the perfect finishing touch and I’m definitely going to try this at home. Mary Grace has such a sweet spirit about her and the love for her craft was completely evident. I loved hearing her food stories and all about her favorite dishes.







An Evening Out With Village Tavern

{Photo via Louella Reese}


{Photo via Louella Reese}


An Evening Out With Village Tavern

After our experience in the kitchen we got to step out and taste test dish after dish and there wasn’t one item that I didn’t enjoy! I did have a few favorites including the Bacon-wrapped Scallops, the Steak Au Poivre and the Thai Chicken Salad.

The phrase flavor profile was tossed around a lot this evening and to be honest I didn’t exactly know what that meant in the beginning. I understood the term but had never really experienced it. As we were trying the dishes, the Village Tavern team (who were awesome and hilarious by the way!) described the ingredients and flavors to us and I felt like I could taste each one. It was quite eye opening.


I’ve got food styling on brain now after my class at the BHG Stylemaker event and my appetite for eye candy was absolutely satisfied here. Every detail was perfect.

And hands down the most unique desert I’ve ever tasted was the Butter Cake!


{Photo via Off the Eaten Path}

During dinner Mary Grace said “Work is not really work if it’s something you truly love.” I’ve heard this spoken many times before but it never rang true it until I started doing what I love. Blogging for me is like Mary Grace’s cooking and it was crystal clear she loved it. Village Tavern is lucky to have her and I’m sure it’s by no mistake! They clearly care about their people, the food and ultimately serving their customers!

I suggest planning your next date night in the cozy dining room or rounding up some friends after work for happy hour on the patio. Wine and Dine Wednesdays is the perfect excuse to grab a seat at the craft bar for half-price wines by the glass. I definitely recommend splurging on a bottle of the Rombauer Chardonnay for a special occasion!


Now I’ve got a special little surprise for you! Village Tavern was kind enough to share a few of their recipes with us so we could make them at home and I’m going to share the pimiento cheese dip with you today! Can you believe the pimiento cheese is made with only 3 fresh ingredients? I bet you can guess what they are :)


3 CUPS                  Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese, grated (I think the cheese is the key!)

1/2 Cup                 Mayonnaise (I’m a southern girl and my favorite is Duke’s)

1/3 Cup                 Pimientos, dices 1/8″ and drained well


  1. Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend well.
  2. Store, label, rotate and refrigerate.

It’s that easy, promise! I made it in about 5 minutes!



An Evening Out With Village Tavern


If you are ever in for a visit make sure to tag me on Instagram and Village Tavern (@villagetavern) and use the hashtag #CLTlovesVT. I would love to see what your tasting!

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I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Cheers to Fridays!


**Thanks to Village Tavern for sponsoring this post and thank YOU for supporting the brands that support Simple Stylings. All my opinions are my own.**





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  1. I am sitting here laughing…. Because you were hearing about the Patio on the radio while in HS, and I was on the Patio Whoop Whoop it in up!!!

    LOVE this place, I am so glad its still there, is always consistent!

    Thanks for sharing!

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