DIY Stenciled Accent Wall Tutorial

TGIF friends!!! Hope you had a great week!

I feel like I’m still recovering from home tours and the big closet reveal!

As promised I can’t wait to share with you the infamous stenciled accent wall. Let me remind you this was my first time ever stenciling and I not sure if I picked the hardest (or the easiest) stencil but I fell in love with the pattern when I saw it.

(This is not a sponsored post but Royal Design Studio Stencils kindly supplied this awesome stencil for my glam closet makeover. All my opinions are my own.)

I chose the large Persian Garden Damask Wall Stencil which is 17.5″w x 32.25″h. When I opened it up I was worried it might be too big but once I saw it on the wall I really liked the size! I wanted it to be the focal point and I felt it created the drama that I was going for.




Instead of having the wall color darker than the stencil color I chose to do it the other way around. Mainly because that was the paint situation I had on hand and I needed to keep the budget in check but also because I thought the stencil would stand out more that way.


Like I said before this was my first attempt at stenciling so l did my research before hand. Royal Design Studio Stencils has some great resources on their site. Make sure to check out their ‘How To Stencil‘ tab if you plan on tackling a stencil project in your home. I also solicited some advice from the paint and stencil guru, Sarah M. Dorsey! If you haven’t seen her work you definitely need to check it out.

At the end of the day I decided on a process that I thought would work best for my experience level, space and tools. Here is what you need to get started.



Drop cloth

Spray Adhesive

Painters tape

Paint and paint tray

Foam roller

Tape Measure


Paper towels


First make sure to have all your tools out and available. Find the center point in your wall to start. I admit I like to eye ball things when I’m painting and hanging pictures, etc, but I wasn’t taking chances with this wall. I used my measuring tape to mark the center point in the wall. I sprayed the back of my stencil lightly with the spray adhesive, taped it on the wall with the painters tape and made sure it was level. Once I had it in place I put my roller in the paint, rolling off the excess on the paint tray and then rolled it 2-3 times on a stack of paper towels to make sure there wasn’t too much paint on the roller. Then I slowly but surely painted the entire stencil. I had to do two coats but I didn’t wait for the first coat to dry too long, maybe about 15-20 minutes, and as soon as the stencil was dry to the touch I moved it to the next spot. I worked my way out from the center. The hardest part was the edges but you just have to feel this out and it depends on the angles of your walls. I bent the stencil and pushed it into the corners as best I could and held it or taped it and continued to roll. Once I was finished I touched up a few spots with my brush. After I got the hang of it I found that my edges were more crisp when I used less paint but more pressure on my roller.

Here is a picture diary of the exciting process :) Sorry they are iPhone pics!


I will warn you, it is a SLOW process but so worth it in the end. This took me an entire day from probably about 9am to 7pm but I’m glad I knocked it out instead of dragging it out over several days.

I also realized that the very first stencil was the worst one I did and unfortunately it is the very center one. The good news is once it’s finished you can’t tell how each one looks individually, they all seem to flow together.


I hope this little tutorial helps! I will say it was easier than I thought, mostly just time consuming. I dare to say there may be more stenciling in my future (perhaps just on a smaller scale!)


If you are thinking about a stenciling project make sure to check out Royal Design Studio Stencils! They have an incredible selection and great prices too!

These were two of my other favorites of theirs that I loved as well!




Make sure to check out the full closet reveal if you missed it.


I hope you guys have a great weekend! Make sure to stay tuned for more holiday posts and an awesome giveaway!!


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