The Heart of Our Home

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Home is a beautiful word. The sound of it makes makes you feel happy. Coming home from a trip and sleeping in your own bed. Inviting people into your home as a way of fellowship. I think of all the ways I use the word and there isn’t a negative thought that arises.

Our home is small and I love that. It’s a normal, tract built home with a generic floor plan. What’s great about it is the feeling we have when we’re in it. Secure, comfortable, happy. What I love even more is that I’m passionate about giving it character and making the word mean something more. I think it’s almost more challenging to add character to a small home with few bells and whistles and that fuels my passion.

I want my son to long for home when he’s older and away. I want him to have beautiful memories here. Sometimes he would rather stay at home for hours and play than go to the movies or the park and there’s something satisfying about that.

When Porch.com asked me to share a bit about our home and why it is our “happy place” for their #loveyourhome series I knew it would be a pretty easy story to share. I love that they are encouraging and embracing loving our homes for what they mean to us, not just for what they look like.  

I feed my family here, we get rest here, we laugh here, we cry here and we play here. It might not be the fanciest house on the block but it’s ours and I am grateful for the love that fills it.

What do you love most about your home? Where is your happy place?

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I have to say something about this post. You have created such an inviting home for your family, and one of the reasons I keep coming back to read your blog is that shot of your back porch with the fairy lights and a glimpse inside. It just looks so cozy!

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