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Roadtrip Reality: 48 hours in Philadelphia + Wayne, PA

Roadtrip Reality: 48 hours in Philadelphia + Wayne, PA

Happy Monday friends! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

Today I’m excited to share our trip to Philadelphia and Wayne, Pennsylvania from last month! Several of Kevin’s good friends and college roommates live outside of Philadelphia and a group of us went up to spend a fun, kid-free weekend together which is quickly becoming an annual reunion trip. And it just so happened that the Eagles were playing in Philly the Sunday we were there which made it even more exciting!

I’ve never been to Pennsylvania and I was super excited to explore the charming, picturesque town of Wayne and also experience downtown Philly. We didn’t have time for all of the touristy things like the Liberty Bell and the museums (boo! I’m definitely coming back for those!) but we did eat some great food and explored the streets of both places which is pretty much my favorite thing to do.

Roadtrip Reality: 48 hours in Philadelphia + Wayne, PA

We arrived at the Wayne Hotel which completely stole my heart! It was gorgeous inside and out and had a wonderful lounge and bar area where we could hang out and catch up. It was incredibly charming and I would highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to visit Wayne!

And when I say hang out, I actually mean act like a bunch of adult (or not so adult) idiots sipping girly drinks with little straws!

We had a wonderful lunch at Christopher’s then did a little shopping.

Isn’t that bunch of handsome gentlemen?!?!

Next we stopped in The Great American Pub to taste some local brews.

We were dying to stop at the John’s Village Market but we didn’t make it before closing time :(

Wayne is a tiny town – it reminds me of Davidson, NC – but it has a great little food and shopping scene on the main drag. What also makes Wayne great is that it’s on the main train line which goes straight into Philadelphia.

How cute is this theater?

The next morning we stopped into Spring Mill Bread Co. for coffee and a pastries and it was delicious!


We had brunch at our friends home in Wayne before we packed up and headed into the city. These guys again…sorry ladies, I didn’t get any of us, go figure!

When we arrived in Philly we headed straight to the Ritz Carlton to check out the scene and scope out a place to watch the Eagles game. Would you believe this was taken out of a window from the top of the hotel?

Then we wandered the streets checking out city hall and the other gorgeous buildings. There was a magical garden area and an ice skating rink right in front of the city hall building in the center of town. The history and architecture was breathtaking.

One of my favorite things that we did was visit Reading Terminal Market, one of the country’s oldest public markets. There are food and produce vendors and even a cute little nook filled to the brim with books of all kinds. I could have browsed those books for hours.

We got a roast beef sandwich from Dinic’s and some fresh jumbo shrimp and crab cakes from another vendor. Everything was delicious!

Of course we had to stop at the honey stand.


This is awesome little book shop.

All of the hotels had fruit infused water and we definitely didn’t pass that up :)

Everything was good until we turned down this alley on our way to McGillin’s Old Ale House. Let’s just say we encountered a few things outside our comfort zone :) What do a dumpster, porta-john, a stack of pallets, a Christmas tree and this guy have in common?

But we had to memorialize it with a photo…right Billy Mac???

Now it was game time (rewind to when the Eagles played the Vikings to get into the Super Bowl) and we heard this was the place to be. Wellllll, it was the place to be for kids about 20 years younger than us :) And frankly I was a little scared to enter lol!

I’ll definitely try it next time when the crowd is a little more tame…you guys sure love your Eagles!

We ended up having dinner at Capital Grille and headed back to the Ritz to watch the game in the lobby with a slew of other fans. We wanted to be right in the middle of things when the game ended.

These pictures were taken not long before the Eagles wrapped up the win and before the streets exploded with fans! It was truly a sight to see – fun and friendly celebrations everywhere!

So here are our suggestions if you get to visit these two great spots!


  1. Christopher’s
  2. The Great American Pub
  3. Spring Mill Bread Co.
  4. The Wayne Hotel
  5. The Anthony Wayne theater
  6. Stroll the charming streets


  1. Reading Terminal Market
  2. City Hall
  3. The Ritz Carlton
  4. McGillin’s Old Ale House
  5. The Liberty Bell (we missed this)
  6. The museums (so sad we missed these but hear great things!)

Make sure to check out our video to see the Eagles win aftermath!

We had a great experience in both places and can’t wait to get back up there to cover everything that we missed! If you have any museum and food suggestions for Philly please leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Summer, we were so happy you guys (y’all) came to see us in Wayne – it was so much fun! Wayne is a great town whether to live or visit! Whether you come to check out the food scene with more than a dozen restaurants in town, do some shopping, or get entertained by its live music scene with the late addition of 118 North last week or the annual Wayne Music Festival Saturday, June 9, 2018. You can also check out the rich history with Valley Forge National Park around the corner or take a 25 minute train ride into Philly. Living here you have access to some of the best school districts in the country and Villanova University in the same zip code! We are just 2 hours from the beach and New York City.
    Please come back to visit us again soon!
    :) M&M

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