Home of the Month: Kelsey of Left and Level’s Boho Abode

Home of the Month: Kelsey of Left and Level's Boho Abode

Home of the Month: Kelsey of Left and Level’s Boho Abode

Happy Wednesday friends! Today’s the day and I’m here with the February Home of the Month post as promised and I’m thrilled to share this boho chic home with you! I found Kelsey from Left and Level originally on Instagram and then I naturally started reading her blog. I love her design style and she’s a great resource for ideas and inspiration as well as some awesome DIY’s!

So without further ado, let’s her a little more from Kelsey herself:

“When my husband and I purchased our home less than two years ago, it was fully equipped with all of its original 1980’s finishes… down to the carpet (yuck!). Ever since then, we’ve been working room by room to renovate and furnish a home that truly reflects our style. As with most fixer uppers, we’ve encountered unforeseen challenges (termites, sewer back ups, poison ivy infestations – just to name a few) and developed a deeper appreciation for architectural features like vaulted ceilings and original brick fireplaces. Our home renovation also gave me the motivation to establish the interior design business that I had always dreamt of, Left & Level. I believe that positive environments, whether they are for living, working, or playing, are such an important part of life, and having the opportunity to help clients achieve that in their own personal spaces is an absolute joy. As far as our own home goes, we still have lots of projects to tackle (lately we’ve been all about our guest bathroom renovation) and as our needs evolve and our family grows, our to do list will be ever changing. That’s what keeps us on our toes ;)”

Now, let’s dive into this gorgeous home…


I love this bright kitchen with the waterfall island and unique light fixtures.

Home of the Month: Kelsey of Left and Level's Boho Abode kitchen

The wide plank floors are to die for and I also love the warm wood of Kelsey’s dining table.

Y’all know I love a sliding barn door but how cool is this one?! And the artwork is so chic!

Kelsey’s living room might be my favorite room in her home because of all of the details. I love the amazing windows and the unique, painted brick fireplace is so perfect. Would you believe that Kelsey painted the art piece on the mantel when she was in 7th grade?!

I love the many layers of texture in here, especially the tassel throw blanket and patterned rug.

The coffee table is pretty darn cool too!

Kelsey also does a great job at mixing the old with the new. Check out the ornate wood piece next to the modern side table, coffee table and sofa.

It’s obvious we share the same love for bamboo shades, the color blue, brass accents and white walls!

The color, patterns and texture flow effortlessly through the rest of the house.

Of course my favorite thing in this room is the juju hat!

Her office is so calm and serene! I wish my desk looked like that lol!

Kelsey is incredibly talented and in the design of her home she uses so many important design elements such as:

  1. mix old and new
  2. texture
  3. pattern
  4. no matchy matchy furniture sets
  5. natural elements
  6. greenery
  7. metals
  8. black accents (window trim)
  9. bright white walls

Well guys, what do you think? I forgot to mention all of the gorgeous rugs earlier…but what about all of those gorgeous rugs??? If you want to follow along with Kelsey on her design journey you can find her on Instagram and via her blog, Left and Level. She also offers eDesign services if you feel like you are style soul sisters and need some help in your home!

Thank you for joining us for another edition of Home of the Month. I’ll be back on for Top 5 Friday so see you then!


Home of the Month: Kelsey of Left and Level's Boho Abode pin

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  1. Saoirse”s look is so good! Matchy matchy at its best. I don”t even mind the fit and the length of the dress. Dree looks great for the venue. The rest I”m not a fan of. Especially Elizabeth. It seems with her that it”s either this or ugly Dior, I miss her good style days.

  2. Thank you SO much for including our home on your lovely blog, Summer!! It’s truly an honor to join such a fantastic list of home tours! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! πŸ’—πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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