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Happy Friday friends! I have been consumed with my deck project for the One Room Challenge lately but I am still working on my modern coastal studio/office project too! You can read my office inspiration post here if you missed it.

The office is almost complete and I have a ton of DIY projects to share with you…if only I could find the time to get them all written :)

Hopefully after the ORC reveal I can post the remaining projects and the office reveal around the beginning of June.

My Office Inspiration Board


You’ve seen my DIY pallet and sawhorse desk. Now let’s talk about my desk chair.

You can see the ghost chair above that I had planned for the space, but what you don’t know is that the ghost chair was actually plan B if my DIY office chair was a big fat fail. I would LOVE to have the ghost chair {and I may have secretly hoped that the DIY chair would flop so I could buy it :) } but I snagged this office chair from our local Restore for $10 so in the interest of budget I had to try out my first “reupholstery” job if you will.


I also had some leftover Ikea dot fabric which kept the cost down even more so I got to work.

First I unscrewed both chair pads from the frame.



 If you look at the first picture of the chair you can see that the back of the frame is screwed into the upper chair pad. Once I unscrewed the pad I just pulled the too pieces apart.

When I was looking for a chair I specifically looked for one like this because I thought it would be easier to work with instead of one where the chair pad with a single piece.

Next I laid the pads on the fabric and traced them with a few inches to spare so that I could fold the fabric over and staple. You can eyeball this or use a measuring tape.

I also ironed the wrinkles out of the fabric before I started.



I  flipped the pads over and pulled the material tight and stapled the edges. I worked my way around the pads slowly, trying to avoid folds and wrinkles.

My staple gun is not the best in the world so I used my trusty hot glue gun to reinforce a few areas.


I wasn’t sure the best way to attach the two pieces back together because I didn’t have the proper staple or nailer tools. The frame screws actually screw all the way through one pad and into the second pad so it didn’t need much to hold the them together.

I decided to try and hot glue the edges and and clamp the two pieces together so the glue would dry tight. Once the glue was dry I screwed the pads back to the frame. Surprisingly it worked and it hasn’t separated.

I used the same method on the bottom pad except there was only one piece instead of two so I just had to staple the fabric underneath.


I wanted the frame to be white so I spray painted it with a coat of plastic primer, then two coats of gloss white paint.



So here it is! Pretty bold, huh,? To be honest I’m still getting used to it but I think it’s going to work in the space but I think it turned out so cute!

I had to give it a shot, right? Honestly I wasn’t sure how it was going to hold up because the chair isn’t that great to begin with but it worked.

Check out my Jedi knight photo bomber :)



 Except…the arm rests! The arms are squishy so every time I put my elbows on them the paint would crack a little and then it started to peel.

Although I really wanted the arms to stay white I decided to sand them down and spray paint them black instead. I’m not sure why but the black paint held up much better.




Here it is again, only with black arms instead and it has held up perfectly with no signs of cracking or peeling. I guess I won’t be getting my ghost chair…yet :)





Let me know what you think! Why not go grab a $10 office chair or one that you already have and recover it with your favorite fabric for a simple update?


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  1. says

    Well done on this project! I bought supplies a few weeks back to change mine but I dont think the back come off… Eeek! Have to find a way to redo my cheapy chair somehow anyway. Yours looks great though!

  2. says

    that looks SOOO good! I love the fabric you used…{and the photo bomber, ha!} thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire, I’ve pinned this! EMily

  3. says

    That looks FAB!! Can’t wait to see the entire reveal of your office!! Are those saw horses for your desk? I was thinking about making my daughter a vanity table outta saw horses….

  4. says

    Goodness, what a difference! It makes you wonder why they don’t sell them this way to start with. Why do they have to make the comfy chairs so butt ugly!! What a great idea, looks so so much better

  5. liz Rampey says

    The chair is awesome! I am loving the fabric. We have a black office chair that needs a pick – me – up too. You have inspired me. As always.

  6. says

    Summer, this is so great! No way would you find an office chair that fun and fabulous in the store! Given how much I love both your desk and your chair, I’m thinking that the office reveal is going to be a stunner – can’t wait to see it!

  7. says

    This is too cute! I might hold onto this little chair for a while… I had a Ghost Chair as my desk chair and it was SO uncomfortable! I think it is fine if you are only sitting at your desk for short periods of time, but any longer than 30 min and it is misery. Just FYI – I wish someone had told me before I bought it! The DIY looks great. :)


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