Favorite Things Friday Vol. 24

Favorite Things Friday Vol. 24

Hi and welcome to Favorite Things Friday! Sorry for the tardiness, I’m a bit behind schedule today! It’s been a crazy week and I’m getting ready to grab little man from school early and head down to my parents brand new beach house!!! This will be the first time I’ve set foot on the property and I couldn’t be more excited! I think I’m even more excited about the hot tub….especially after my Crossfit workout this morning! Yikes! And don’t worry, there will be a Home of the Month tour of the beach house in the works over the next few months so make sure to subscribe to get our posts so you don’t miss it!

Well, here goes nothing….

I’m working on a paleo-ish version of a white chicken chili recipe but I came across this recipe in the mean time and it looks DELICIOUS!


Did you guys know that Lowe’s launched The Weekender Season 1 this summer with 10 online episodes of weekend DIY projects? Well guess what?!?! They are currently looking for homeowners in Charlotte, Austin, New Orleans, Nashville and Miami to take part in Season 2! If you guys (come on Charlotte folks) have a space that needs renovating you can apply to be on the show through Pittman Casting: https://pitmancastinginc.formstack.com/forms/the_weekender_application. Host, DIY’er and blogger at East Coast Creative, Monica Mangin, is amazing!

I’m loving this pretty, nature-inspired halloween tour from Annie of Zevy Joy!


I had to share this sweet pic of my little man and my God kids at the pumpkin patch last week! I honestly don’t ever remember a picture of these three without silly faces, much less smiling and looking in the same direction! Love them!


And lastly, I came across this new way of creating business cards from Moo.com called Printfinity. I haven’t dug into it enough yet but the concept is you can print different pictures for all of your biz cards! How cool is this especially for creatives where visual media is huge!


That’s a wrap people! Make sure to follow along on Instagram stories and I’ll try and give you a little tour of the beach house this weekend!!! Now, I gotta go pack!



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