Target Knockoff Gold Desk Accessories

Happy Monday you guys! I have to share a quick little project with you that we did over the weekend. It’s so easy and makes me even happier to be at my desk blogging or helping little man with his school work!


Have you guys seen the new gold desk accessories at Target? My chin dropped when I was walking down the aisle and I think I stood there and drooled for several seconds minutes until I heard “Mommy, mommy” and I came to.


We did come home with the globe because we have been looking for one that fits our style but the desk accessories were just not in the budget especially since I already have the ugly black ones at home.

So naturally I grabbed my favorite can of gold spray paint, taped off the parts I didn’t want painted and gave them two quick coats. This paint goes on easy, is so durable, and has a lovely matte gold finish.


I don’t uses these accessories on a daily basis so I hope the paint will hold up well. If it starts to wear I will probably give it another coat and then spray it with a clear sealer. I prefer the matte finish over a glossy finish so I want to see how they do with out the clear coat first.


So, if you are swooning over the gold Target desk accessories like I was why not just DIY ’em?

I made a lot of office progress this week so I can’t wait to share some updates with you soon!


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  1. Love this tutorial! I know what you mean. Prices on office supplies are ridiculous. I’m definitely DIY’ing mine now! Can’t wait. :D How did the paint hold up on yours? And how long did you have to wait for the paint to dry before you could use the items? I only ask because every time I use spray paint, I end up having to wait a month before I can be around the painted object again. Does Rustoleum leave a strong smell behind?

  2. I want to do these for my work office but my supplies will be in daily use so I was wondering how yours was holding up. Thanks so much!

  3. love your DIY – gold is so in right now. Anxious to see your office. Been working on mine but need inspiration & motivation.

  4. Hi! I love your idea! I was thinking about purchasing but this will be sooo much better! Thanks for adding another DIY on my list!!!! I hope I don’t go crazy and even paint my staples lol!

  5. Hi! I was JUST at Target and loved the high gloss gold accessories and did a google search to see what spray paints people had used. I stumbled across some posts using high-gloss automotive spray paint and loved the look. Yours was the only post I could find with photos of multiple items sprayed. The ads on your page were obscuring some of the photos, though – how much of the stapler did you tape off? And do you wish you had done anything differently?


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