How To Use Stylish Faux Flowers At Home

How To Use Stylish Faux Flowers At Home Long Stems

Spring has me jumping for joy over inexpensive Trader Joe’s blooms and farmers market bouquets. But let’s face it, who can afford to fill their home with fresh flowers every week? NOT ME.

In order to satisfy my desire for beautiful blooms without breaking the bank I’ve decided to fill our vases with stylish faux flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still buy fresh flowers but the faux ones will help me bridge the gap between those purchases and will lessen the pain when the fresh ones die and the house is flower-less :)

I’m sharing how to use stylish faux flowers at home on eHow.com with three unique arrangements. I also have a few great tips on what type to buy and where to purchase your faux flowers!

How To Use Stylish Faux Flowers At Home Peonies

Here are a few of my favorite tips for buying and styling your artificial arrangements:

  1. WHAT TO BUY: Unique varieties. Peonies, ranunculus, orchids, dahlias and hydrangeas are great options. Faux air plants and succulents are fun too! Try and stay away from the common tulip, sunflowers or roses as they tend to look more faux than real unless you find some affordable ones that are good quality.
  2. WHERE TO BUY: Michaels & Hobby Lobby (don’t forget your coupons!), At Home, Tuesday Morning AND Amazon!
  3. HOW TO STYLE: Choose unique vases that fit the style of your home. You can buy faux water at most craft stores for a clear, fishbowl-shaped vase.

How To Use Stylish Faux Flowers At Home Colorful

How To Use Stylish Faux Flowers At Home Artificial Water

I found some great online sources for faux flowers here:

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How To Use Stylish Faux Flowers At Home: Three Unique Arrangements

What do you think! Yes or no to faux flower arrangements??? I’m loving them because when I find a few good deals I know I’m saving money and not forking out tons on fresh flowers every single week!



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  1. Hi there!

    I’m a first time visitor here to your blog and just wanted to say, it’s lovely!

    Great article on faux flowers. I’ve never been big on silk flowers because I heard they were “bad” feng shui as they aren’t actually living. However my mind was changed after finding a beautiful small bouquet of roses in a little glass vase with fake water, kind of like the one in your main image, and it really fits the bill for a display on my vintage dresser at the top of a dreary stair landing. In fact, real flowers would be wasted there, but the faux flowers with the lamp and other do-dads keeps it look fresh and bright :)

    Thanks for the affirmation that they make sense!


    1. Hi Cheryl! Thanks so much for stopping by and I’m so glad your mind is changing towards faux flowers (as mine is too!) I never used them before either but started noticing how much more real they look now! Thank you so much for your kind words! Cheers!

  2. I’m a huge fan! I worry about real plants with my pets (after a nightmare incident with lilies), so fake flowers and plants are a perfect way to get the greenery without the worry.

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