Kitchen Renovation Design Update and My Two New Favorite Paint Colors

TGIF!!!!!!! I wish I could say my Friday is going to be relaxing…but…I’m waist deep in staining cabinets.

Well, it’s finally here you guys, the kitchen reno is underway. In January it started as a mini reno (you can read the original plan here) and now its a full blown gut job and I couldn’t more excited…and equally excited for it to be over :)

Honestly it just snowballed kind of like this: I needed to replace the floors because the linoleum was buckling and was just gross. So it was the floors and some other cosmetic changes. But then the vinyl countertops started peeling so that was added to the list. Then I realized I couldn’t put brand new floors down and a beautiful new countertop on top of the crappy existing cabinets. So, the full reno begins.

I started with a beautiful gray and white design that I loved but things slowly shifted with available materials and changing of minds and was tweaked into a white kitchen with warm wood and some dark slate blue and turquoise accents. I ended up going with unfinished oak cabinets (okay don’t have a heart attack, I promise it’s going to work out!) that I’ll be staining…tomorrow…and I’ll have a specific post dedicated to them coming soon!

Here are my inspiration images for the shift in design and I’m completely dedicated to the wood now. I love how the warmth of the wood contrasts against the crisp white and modern fixtures.


{via Crown Point Cabinetry}

Kitchen Renovation Design Update

{via Bardes Interiors}

This is the updated design board and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Every detail has come together and I think it’s really going to work! The sputnik style chandelier was the jumping off point and the Delta faucet, subway tile, plank wall, cabinet hardware and floor tile were non-negotiable.

Kitchen Renovation Design Update

One of the newest additions is this amazing tear-drop pattern fabric that I found from Online Fabric Store. This will be for the shade that Drawn Company is making for the sink window! Its the perfect modern touch the space needed and I’m obsessed with the colors.


Unfortunately the Dutch door I’ve been dreaming of is not going to find it’s way into the budget so I’m going to clean and patch this existing door for now. The only good thing about this is that it helped me find one of my new favorite paint colors! It’s a rich, dark slate blue from HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams for Lowes called Slate Tile and I’m so in love! The door will be painted in this color and it might also pop into a few other areas of the house too! It’s actually quite a bit darker than this swatch.kitgray

My next favorite new color is called Pure White also from the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams for Lowes line. It’s pure white (true to it’s name) with just a touch of warmth so it’s not too stark. Seriously we may be re-painting the whole place!

We bought the bar stools from Target awhile ago and they’ve been great! We’re also adding some decorative tile to the area above the range that I’m super excited about. The only unknown on the board is the rug. Believe it or not it’s from the Allen & Roth line at Lowes and it was my favorite from my roundup post of rug contenders.

Here’s the phase 1 punch list which includes most of the big ticket items:

  1. Demo
  2. Tile floors
  3. Cabinet install
  4. Run gas line for gas range (yippeeeee!)
  5. Plank wall
  6. Cabinet staining
  7. Countertop install

We technically started the project the first week in August but then we were on vacation the second week and getting adjusted to school during the third week. So we’re going strong now and I’ll be posting all of the projects that happened last week over the next week or so! Make sure to follow along on Instagram for more sneak peeks!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend! And don’t forget about the awesome NORDSTROM sale going on this weekend with up to 40% off! Oh and if you need me I’ll be staining and planking lol!




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  1. Can I come help to speed things up because I’m dying to see the finished product! All this work and expense will be so worth it!

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