One Room Challenge Fall 2014: Week One

Hey Y’all!

It’s actually been a whole week since I’ve written a post and it feels so weird! That might be the longest I’ve gone ever! Sorry about that guys but it’s been a busy week and mama’s tired :) But there’s good stuff coming so hopefully it was worth the wait!

If y’all have been here for awhile you know I participated blogger link party of the One Room Challenge with creator Linda of Calling It Home in the Spring. I made over my newly built deck from scratch and it was such a fun project! You can check out the reveal here.

If you’re new to the ORC you can read all about it on Linda’s blog. I had such a fun time participating in the link parties last year that I knew I was going to join in this time around. Not only did it get me motivated to finish my deck but I also met so many amazing friends in the process. It really was a unique experience!

ORC '14

So I debated about which room to tackle this fall and I had actually planned on overhauling my kitchen but that just wasn’t in the cards yet. I thought long and hard about another space that needed attention and finally decided (at the last possible minute) on the walk-in closet in my master bedroom. We live in a small house but for some lucky reason my closet is huge. Or at least big enough to do a little decorating in :)

I picked this space because clothes and fashion has really be on my mind lately. I’m frustrated and overwhelmed by my wardrobe right now and I thought tackling my closet might help. I’m really into pairing down and buying and/or keeping pieces that are good quality and will last through the seasons and even years. So, not only am I going to decorate this space but I’m also going to organize and implement a system that will function for me and ultimately (or hopefully) make my life a little easier


 I want the closet to be functional but I also want to use it as a dressing room of sorts. And it must be pretty of course!

Here is my vision for the space.

OB-Closet Inspiration

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And here is the current state of the closet. I can’t believe I’m posting these pics but now you see why it needs HELP!

I despise wire shelving and I would rip it all out if I could but I don’t have the cash to replace it all. My plan is to remove it at the back of the closet where I’ll add a dresser or piece of furniture for storage and a bold mirror.

There is a tall filing cabinet that is going to remain in the space but it’s tucked away in a little nook so it really doesn’t bother me too much. It may get a facelift though.





Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos. My space isn’t as big as these but they speak to the vibe that I hope to achieve!



closet inspiration





And here’s the plan:

1. Remove wire shelving at the back of the closet (I wish I could remove it all!)

2. Add a mirror and dresser, armoire or shelf for sweater storage

3. Remove florescent light fixture and add a chandelier

4. Add a cozy rug, artwork and a possible ottoman

5. Create new shoe storage

6. DIY jewelry storage

7. Purge and organize clothes

8. Add ottoman, baskets for storage, table lamps (OPTIONAL)


I’m dying to know what you guys think? Are you excited for the ORC this year? Are you participating?

Come back each Thursday over the next six weeks to check out the progress and see how all the spaces are transforming!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a fun little recipe!


Here is my deck reveal from the Spring ORC!


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  1. So excited that you’re doing this again because you seriously have some hard core design talent! I can’t wait to see what you do Summer! I love the mood board. I’m actually working on my daughter Sofia’s closet, reorganizing again for the 100th time. Sigh..

  2. You had me at glam! I am so excited to follow along and see how your closet turns out. By the looks of your deck I know it will be fantastic :)

  3. What a lovely closet space this is going to be. I cannot wait to see your progress and how it all unfolds.

    I too am participating in the One Room Challenge. My challenges? I just moved to a completely new state (Texas) last week and therefore have no idea where to source things other than Wal Mart and Home Depot. :) I am currently battling strep throat and just want to lay around and eat soup as opposed to painting a 30 year old polyurethaned oak coffered ceiling that has never before seen paint. The accompanying powder room rivals the worst gas station stall ever. But a bonus is that the previous owners installed a wine glass and bottle holder on the ceiling of the bathroom. I kid you not. Come take a peek.

  4. LOVED following your deck makeover last time and I love this new project! Such a great space to work with, I can’t wait to see it all come together!! xoxo

  5. Im so glad you are going to fulfill every other womans dream and get a nice, pretty and fancy closet! seriously, how exciting. looking forward to seeing it come full circle!

  6. Sum,

    Gosh, I recognise that old closet of yours! I know that you will make it so beautiful (and practical). I always pull-out the last thing that I put back into my closet/drawers and it is such a waste of clothes.

    Another dreamy – albeit totally OTT – closet: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/celebrity-homes/2013/gisele-bundchen-tom-brady-los-angeles-eco-conscious-home-slideshow/_jcr_content/par/cn_contentwell/par-main/cn_ad_slideshow/item17.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.brady-17-gisele-bundchen-tom-brady-closet.jpg

    Love you!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the results and I’m so excited about this challenge! I needed a kick in the butt!

  8. I’m going to live vicariously through you and your purge, organizing and decorating. I should be doing the same thing!!! Good luck and jealous of the space. What about painting the walls a pop of color?

  9. This sounds great! I am participating too with a clients sitting room, but am also in the process of doing a closet makeover, but much smaller than yours. I had my own reservations of showing my before pic, but such is the life as a blogger! I look forward to seeing your progress.


  10. This is going to be soooo awesome, Summer!! I cannot wait to see what you do! I know it will be spectacular!

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