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One Room Challenge, Week 3: DIY and Plan Update

Happy One Room Challenge link day everyone! Have you checked out all the ORC participants yet? There are so many incredible projects going on that I can hardly keep up and I can’t wait to check out those linking up today. You can get the scoop and check out the participants at Calling It Home here.

If you are an ORC first timer you can find my Week 1 post here and my Week 2 post here!


As you know we are at the beach this week and if you follow me on Instagram you have seen some pics of what we’ve been up to. I’m feeling a bit stressed because I know I am missing a full week of work time but I have some DIY projects to share with you and updates to the plan.

Stump Side Table
Stump Side Table

When we were building the deck in the fall I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of outdoor fire pit. Last year I saw how Kristin from The Hunted Interior used a white chiminea on her patio and I knew I had to have one. Doesn’t her’s look incredible?


{The Hunted Interior}

I went on the hunt for the perfect, large mouth chiminea and finally found an affordable one in Raleigh, NC. So we hit the road and brought this fat boy home. Yep, that’s what the name of the model was :)


I wasn’t exactly sure the best way to paint it so I cleaned it off and sprayed it with Rustoleum’s white High Heat paint from Home Depot.



 After one can of paint:



After two cans of paint:


I figured I would need to give it a light sanding and another coat or two but I wanted to see how the paint would hold after a few uses. The paint did crack in several places but overall it did pretty well.

I sanded it down and used another can of paint and so far so good!


After the third can of paint…and a photo bomber with bubbles!


The base had rusted some already so I decided to sand it down and spray it with black high heat paint for protection.


Chiminea fun:


Next up is our stump side table.

My son and I were walking in our neighborhood one day and noticed a fallen tree that looked like it had been sliced a couple times but never removed. We watched it for a few months and finally decided we should attempt to bring it home with us!

And here is how it went down:


Luckily the stump was pretty dry and the bark came off easily. We have been sanding it down with an electric sander every other day or so to get it smooth and make sure it gets fully dry.





I think this will make a perfect little side table on our deck along with our nautical spool side table that we DIY’ed a few weeks ago. You can read that tutorial here.


As for our punch list, this is where we stand:

1. Stain and pressure wash the deck. {in process picking out stain which will hopefully happen this coming week}

2. Paint the awning and door trim and touch up the door. {bought exterior trim paint}

3. Sell current table and chairs on craigslist and hunt for an awesome deal on furniture. {in progress}

4. Buy Tiki torches and mount them: from Home Depot.

5. Paint the chiminea and base. 

6. Find/build two side tables: using nautical spool side table and a DIY stump table

7.  Find and hang an arts and crafts style light fixture. {searching but no luck yet}

8. Purchase rug, outdoor pouf and pillows: Target.

9. Figure out grill placement.

10. Build or hunt for a vintage cooler/and or bar cart. {found a cooler at HomeGoods but holding out for a vintage one}

11. DIY upcycled marquee anchor.

12. Hang string lights: from Target.

13. Find pots/planters and decide on plants. {began researching plants at Home Depot}

14. Shop our home and thrift stores for styling accessories.

15. Throw a PARTAY!!! {this is my favorite part!}

This is probably my last post for the week while we finish up our spring break trip but I hope to post some Tybee Island and Savannah eye candy pics early next week!

Have a great weekend folks!

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  1. Wish I lived close enough to invite myself over for your post-ORC deck party because I can tell it’s going to be an awesome space! Love the white chimenea – I hadn’t seen that done before – and the stump table is perfect!

  2. Wow I love the chiminea, I’m going to get online to find a secondhand one now!!! I picked up an old cane 3 pce sofa set today off the side of the road can’t wait to paint it up and sit out by the fire!! Thanks for inspiring me x

  3. Wow! You got a lot done and it looks amazing! I love the white chiminea–will make for such cozy nights on your deck. Your son is super cute helping you chip that stump. Cant wait to see what you do next!

  4. Amazing what some white paint can do! Love the way your patio is coming together : ]

  5. I love how you breathed new life into your chiminea. What a great idea! And I’m kinda jealous of the stump – so cool that you were able to find it!

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