Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List

Happy Tuesday post day! Hope everyone had a fab weekend! We had decent weather here so we were able to enjoy being outside quite a bit! Today I want to talk about my favorite bathroom inspiration! I’m slowly working on my 2017 home projects t0-do list and my master bathroom is #1.

Would you believe that it’s the only room in our home that has never been touched? I don’t think I’ve ever shared a picture of it on here, it’s that bad. It is literally still the builder bathroom from when our home was built about 15 years ago. Watch out master bath, I think this is your year!

I don’t have a lot of details to share yet, I’ve only just begun my Pinterest stalking, but I’ve found some beautiful bathrooms that are definitely inspiring the design that is quickly growing in my head. I hope you enjoy these stylish spaces!


Y’all know I’m a sucker for white subway tile with dark grout in the kitchen but I love it in the bathroom too! Subway tile is so affordable and this look is definitely in the running.

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-alison-cayne


I love the idea of bringing in pattern by way of floor tile and this one is so pretty paired with the brass accents.

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-house-beautiful


More subway tile here but I also love the neutral color palette with the natural elements and texture in the stool and towels.

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-elizabeth-roberts


These wood floors are too die for and I’m definitely considering a wood or wood-look tile for the bathroom.

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-ali-budd


This bathroom might be a little too boho for my taste but I absolutely love the tile pattern with the large round mirror. The matching sinks are pretty amazing too!

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-sarah-sherman-samuel


This bathroom is so dreamy and might be one of my very favorites. I’m sure I’ll be bringing in some blue in either the vanity or tile.

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-trio-design


I’m definitely not scared of a little wallpaper and I love the idea of a pretty pattern above tile or board and batten.

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-studio-mcgee


Pops of color are always a good idea and this painted vanity with open storage perfect.

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-amie-corley


This bathroom from Simple Grove is speaking my language! Simple marble floor tile in a herringbone pattern, a mid-century modern wood vanity and brass accents…SWOON!

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-simply-grove


One of the major dilemmas of the bathroom makeover would be whether or not to remove the existing tub/shower combo in exchange for just a shower. As much as I would love the extra space and the style of a sleek shower without a shower curtain, I still love my occasional soak in the tub. What do you guys prefer, a tub or shower only in the master? We do have a bath downstairs for kiddos though which is key!

If I do keep the existing tub and shower I’m pretty certain this shower curtain DIY from The Hunted Interior will be a must!

Master Bathroom Makeover Inspiration + Potential Project List-hunted-interior


Here is the rough list of 2017 projects I’m contemplating:

  1. Master bathroom makeover or full gut job
  2. Replace the nasty carpet in my son’s room with wood flooring + repaint
  3. Replace outdated ceiling fans
  4. Update remaining “boob” lights
  5. Replace front storm door, add back storm door
  6. Organize the garage
  7. Extend the deck
  8. Completely re-do my backyard (this is just a pipe dream unfortunately!)

I hope you guys are as inspired as I am by these gorgeous bathroom designs! I’m dying to know what’s on your 2017 home projects to-do list?

Make sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook as I’ll be sharing updates and favorite products along the way. You can also find more of my favorite bathroom designs on my Beautiful Baths Pinterest board.

Cheers and see you Thursday with a fun Roadtrip Reality post!



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  1. These are all so beautiful Summer. I would love to remodel our bathrooms but they are so far down on the list of things that need attention! Can’t wait to see what you end up doing so I can live vicariously through you :)

  2. Those are all some of my favorite bathrooms too. I want to redo my powder room and maybe my kids bathroom too. Right now I’m broke thanks to my Macbook and me having to buy a new one :( can’t wait to see your makeover

  3. I am in coastal South Carolina, and we plan to update our master this year, and I have almost the same inspiration! I am wanting to do light gray slate herringbone tiles, warm wood vanity, marble shower and brass accents. Like you, we are considering and most likely will rip out our garden tub. I never use it, and we are planning to get a hot tub so that will be my relaxation! one thing, I do really wish you’d post a pic of your existing bathroom. It makes it so interesting to see “real life” stuff of the design bloggers. I think sometimes its hard seeing only the “perfect” part of their life — so keep it real and show us! Which I’m sure you will once you actually start. Thanks, I’ll be tuning in!
    Also — one problem I keep having is not finding many faux-marble options for shower floors. I have heard marble can be difficult for shower floors that are used every day, but I just cant seem to find a small scale, hex or other marble look tiles appropriate for a shower floor. Any ideas??

    1. Ooh I LOVE coastal SC!! One of my favorite places! Sounds like we’re on the same wave length! AND, I’m dying for a hot tub! I will definitely be sharing the before picture, I have no shame and I too love seeing the real life :) Unfortunately I don’t have much info about good marble shower floor options but if I come across any in my search I’ll let you know for sure! Thanks for reading!

  4. I love all of your inspiration photos! I have a bathroom update on my list for this year too. I am trying to decide between a wood-look tile or a hex tile of some sort. Decisions, decisions! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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