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Nate Berkus Knock Off: Lion Place Card Holders

Happy Monday morning friends!!!

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So, y’all know I love Nate Berkus as much as the next girl, especially his Target line, and my heart skipped a little beat when I saw his gold lion place card holders. Such a fun and elegant way to invite your guests to their seats. And I imagine they would be a great conversation piece too!

nate knockoff lions



{via @targetstyle instagram}

I mean how cute are these? Unfortunately I don’t have $9.99 (ea.) extra for place card holders in my holiday decorating budget and I’m guessing some of you might be in the same boat! Well, you’re in luck because this is a super easy DIY and I think they turned out almost as good as Nate’s!


When I saw the picture of the lions on the @targetstyle Instagram site I know that I could DIY this, but for how much was the question. These animal figurines can run on the expensive side sometimes but I knew if I could hit the jackpot at the dollar store I’d be on my way.

Sure enough they had several different animals to choose from. I was even going to use a different animal than a lion but these guys were actually the best ones from the selection at our store.


All I had to do was saw a slit into the top of the lion’s head deep enough to hold a place card. I tried using my X-acto knife but mine was too dull so I just used a hack saw and it was pretty simple. The hardest part was keeping my fingers away from the blade so be careful.


Once the slits were finished I put a piece of paper in them and spray painted the lion’s gold.



What do you think? I actually like the way these lion’s heads are angled to the side instead of straight ahead.


These would also be a great Christmas gift or hostess gift for someone who loves to entertain!


If you don’t have the time or desire to DIY they are actually on sale right now for $7.99 with free shipping at Target. You can find them here.

My love runs deep for Nate Berkus and everything Nate touches turns to gold (pun intended) :) Have a great week y’all!!!


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  1. Hi – obsessed with these! Looking to recreate for my wedding…wondering what length your lions were and if you know where to find them online!

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