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Roadtrip Reality: Charleston Window Boxes

Charleston Window Box red shutters

Charleston Window Boxes

Instead of chronicling our family vacation, which mostly consists of swimming, eating and walking around Charleston, I’m sharing one of my favorite parts of escaping to the low country. The Charleston window boxes!

Charleston Window Box Blue Shutters

Other than the history and charm, Charleston homes are also famous for their elaborate display of beautiful window boxes.

Window Boxes Come In Every Color

From the windows they are mounted on to the overflowing vegetation, you can find Charleston window boxes in every color of the rainbow. From white walls, gray shutters and pink flowers to red doors, aging concrete and gorgeous greenery.

Charleston Window Box Green Building Black Shutters

I could walk up and down Tradd Street, State Street, down Philadelphia Alley and NEVER tire of the doors, and gates and palm-lined paths.

Charleston Window Box Gray Building with Purple Flowers

From the newest homes to the old rickety ones, window boxes are almost expected should you have the opportunity to dwell downtown.

Charleston Window Boxes Red Building Pink Flowers

I don’t have much experience in creating my own window box, but I do know that here in the low country it appears to be a true art form. Something to be studied, practiced and nurtured.

You Will Find Them On Every Street and in Every Neighborhood

Charleston Window Box Green Monochromatic

What conversations have been overheard or arguments witnessed by these glorious boxes? Passersby awing over their beauty or overlooking them completely.

Charleston Window Box White on White

The fresh, new growth is juxtaposed with the historic buildings and worn exteriors that seem to hold secrets of untold stories.

Trio of Charleston Window Boxes

A Beautiful Form of Outdoor Decor

I could never ignore them – they are too bold, too confident. Their statement has been made.

Charleston Window Box Mustard Yellow Building

Thank you Charleston residents for spending your valuable time and hard-earned money on these beautiful objects of affection. Your efforts certainly are appreciated, at least by us!

Charleston Window Box Fern Pop of Green

P.S. If I ever end up in Charleston one day I promise to pridefully fill my windows with these overflowing boxes of joy! To read more from our Roadtrip Reality series click HERE.



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  1. My daughter and I went to Charleston and fell in love with all the window boxes!!! We walked for hours looking at them! I’ve had window boxes for years and you can bet I took home lots of gorgeous ideas!!! The charm of Charleston is just wonderful.😊😊Still counted as our best mini vacation ever!!😊

  2. My son lived in Charleston for 8 years as a Charleston firefighter. I fell in love with the window boxes. I’ve done a “window box” on the bannister of
    our shady deck for years. All white flowers and white/green variegated ivy etc.. Always so beautiful …. just like one I saw in Charleston!

  3. I lived in Charleston from Dec 1966 until May 1969 as a young newlywed wife of a new USAF Airmen!! After 52 years of wedded Bliss now, those wonderful years in Charleston remain some of my fondest memories! We had very little money so our entertainment consisted of walking on The Battery and exploring the beautiful streets & looking at all those gorgeous yards filled with Azaleas, Dogwoods, Redbud Trees and the sumptuous flowers! Oh my, they took my breath away!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!!

  4. We vacation in Charleston each September. By that time, the window boxes are burgeoning with masses of flowers and greenery. It’s a cornucopia of splendor!

  5. I was in Charlston last summer. I do not take a lot of pictures ,but I am good at filling my flower boxes every spring ,then enjoy them all summer. Iam the biggest d copycat after I take pictures.

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