Easy Gin Cocktail Recipe with Lemon and Honey

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Do you guys have big plans?

If so this might be a fun summertime drink recipe to get your weekend started




Life is crazy, right? Even more so sometimes when you have kids! So what does ~ a boy and a girl, four kids, different ages, different towns, lots of hobbies ~ equal? Cray, cray!

Is the title of this post making a little more sense now…not yet?!?!

Bottom line is we have to sneak dates in when we can and get creative with them. It’s the ONLY way it works! Today is no different: yes you heard it right, today, as in this morning-noon.

We aren’t big drinkers, in fact we’re usually too busy and tired for that anyway, but when we do want to have a little somethin’ somethin’ it’s fun to get creative and try new things.

So as part of a new “dating series” if you will {ha, ha, blogger speak}, in honor of savoring the summer, we decided to find or create a few fun cocktails from time to time and share them with you.

I also thought it would be cool to use some of the fresh herbs we have from our DIY paint can herb garden. I think cocktails with basil, or lemon balm or peppermint sound yummy!

  We wanted to try something totally different and browsed a few recipes but ultimately decided to close the computer and just play around with it. After several fails we can up with this fun and refreshing “Southern” cocktail.

Let’s call it the LEMON HONEY BEE :)


1 oz. gin

1/4  of a lemon freshly squeezed

1 tbsp. honey (heat in microwave for 10-12 seconds to soften)

4 oz. ginger beer

muddled lemon balm and lemon balm garnish (optional)


Fill a shaker with ice, gin, honey, squeezed lemon and muddled lemon balm and shake. Pour into glass, add the ginger beer, stir and garnish.

A side note: the Savannah Bee Company is one of our favorite places to visit in Savannah and the winter white is one of their best in our opinion!




The time I made him drink from a polka dot straw…for the sake of a blog post!


The time I didn’t drink from a polka dot straw…because I can do what I want :)



What fun cocktails are you guys making? How do you get creative with your date nights {or days}?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and remember all of our service men and women!

Cheers! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!



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  1. Summer! Jennifer @ dimplesandtangles.blogspot.com sent me over to say Hello and become a new follower! I am totally going to be making this delicious beverage. I pinned it to my “Shaken, not stirred” Pinterest Board. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself because we are going to be roommates at Haven! I am so looking forward to meeting you! xo, Emily

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