Make All Things New: Wood Sunburst Mirror

Call it restless energy, the life of a designer or just a glutton for punishment but I get a true thrill out of repurposing items that I find inside or outside of my home.

When I bring something new into my home I always try to think about different ways it could be used because I know I get bored easily. But sometimes you buy a piece because you love and it just happens to pop in your brain one day that you can update it to serve a new purpose.

This is exactly what I did with this piece from Joss & Main. I decided I wanted to get away from the bold colors in the mirror and steer more towards then neutrals. Before I got into designing I never would have dreamed of painting something that I paid good money for and was new, not vintage. Well, I’m a different person now and I enjoy taking a few risks here and there.

Here is the mirror before:

Make All Things New: Wood Sunburst Mirror
Make All Things New: Wood Sunburst Mirror


I chose two colors from my stash in the garage, an off white and a light gray, and painted the wood pieces with the colors that stood out, mostly the greens and turquoise ones.


Once the paint was dry I sanded where I painted so it would look distressed and worn to match the others. Can you even tell it was painted at all? And it changes the looks just enough for me to notice a fresh color scheme.

Make All Things New: Wood Sunburst Mirror
Make All Things New: Wood Sunburst Mirror

Here is the finished look:


See how simple that was? I guess I would be kicking myself though if it had not gone my way :) But I felt pretty confident this was something I could handle and I could probably sand it down enough to bring most of the colors underneath back if I needed to .

This year I will be focusing a lot on how to reuse and repurpose pieces that we already have in our home as well as thrift store finds so make sure to check back often! Who knows it may even become a weekly series…

What do you have sitting around just waiting for you to breathe new life into?



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