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One Room Challenge: The Porch Project, Week 3

Good morning friends! It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I must say it’s been a labor of love. Literally a lot of laboring this week for me AND my dad! Here is Week 1 and Week 2 in case you missed them.


Luckily we were on spring break last week so we tackled a lot of the front yard work and maintenance. We removed bushes,pulled up stumps, pressure washed the porch and trimmed bushes.

Here is the updated punch list:

1. Build Tables and benches, paint chairs

2. Pressure wash and paint trim and ceiling (this week) –  the Sherwin Williams sale started today so I can buy my paint now, woohoo!

3. Make curtains and rods (next week)

4. Stain/paint concrete (not sure about this yet)

5. Hang pendant and string lights (purchased)

6. Remove porch rails (this week)

7. Remove bushes in front and replace with new landscaping (this week)

7. Accessorize and style (week 5)

One Room Challenge: The Porch Project, Week 3

It looks so much better already with out the crazy, out of control bushes.

One Room Challenge: The Porch Project, Week 3


You can see where I still need to hang the shutters back up on the 2nd story window. I should probably paint them first though since that was the reason I took them down to begin with :)


The next item in question are the railings. I want to remove them as in many traditional craftsman style or bungalow homes but I get lots of weird looks when I tell people that. I’m trying to psych myself up to take the plunge because I know I’m not going to achieve the design I’m looking for without removing them. I’d love to know your thoughts! Keep ’em or lose ’em?

Here are a few porch styles with no rails. I wish I had the budget to taper my columns but that will be for a later date.

One Room Challenge: The Porch Project, Week 3






Another possible option would be to basically cut the railings in half so they would be lower and less obtrusive similar to the ones below. I could also paint them a color that would blend in better instead of the stark white.




I also built, stained and sealed the two farm style tables and started the benches. We spray painted the chairs and did a little more shopping.


I was also eyeing some other accessories that aren’t on the punch list…I need to back away slowly…


I did promise little man he could put up a flag on the front porch because so many of our neighbors have them. I asked him what kind of flag he wanted and without any hesitation he said, “A Duke flag mom”. Like duh…well if you know anything about us you know that we are I am a die hard Tarheel. I thought the whole point of having kids was that they would grow up loving your school or team. Well, my bubble just burst, womp womp.

Budget Update:

I’m still hovering around the $500 mark which is awesome but the X factor is going to be plants and accessories. I didn’t leave much room for accessories so I’m hoping I over budgeted for plants but we’ll see. Here is my Itsums board and if you want to create a board for your own project head over to itsums.com and check it out. It’s such a great tool and really helping me stay on track!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.59.52 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.00.12 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.05.20 AM

You can check out all of the other linkups here and the participating bloggers here if you want to follow along! Have a great rest of the week friends!



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  1. Looking good my friend! You’ll have to give me some pointers tomorrow on how to landscape on a budget. As you know we spent our first year in our home removing 20 yeas of ivy. Then last year we spent our budget on removing 19 trees and planting grass. This is our fist spring with a full yard grass for our family to enjoy! We cut down the ugly tree like bushes in the front. Let’ do this ! XOXO, Sarah

  2. For your front porch – what about plexiglass railings? My parents framed out their back deck and put plexi up instead of railings. It is actually very gorgeous, clean and open feeling, but still safe :)

  3. Summer!! I love how you casually say you built, stained and sealed TWO farmhouse tables like it’s no big deal! That is amazing!! They are totally going to make your dream of using this space to serve others and get together with friends and family a reality…and wow they are so pretty!!! I vote for removing your railings since it’s not very high and I love your inspiration pics without them. It would be so open. Except will people who are sitting on that side of the table potentially fall into the hedges below? :)

  4. Looks great Summer! You got a lot done & it was spring break. As you know with our home it’s been 2 years of working on the yard & landscaping. Plants, flowers etc. are so expensive but what you’ve done already has already made a huge impact! Can’t wait to see how you remove the railings. Let’s do this! Sarah, sarah Sofia Productions

  5. Oh wow, I would have never thought to take the rails off but the inspiration photos are so beautiful!!! What a great idea. Your home is so charming! It makes me happy to see it. Loving your progress!

  6. I say lose the rails. I don’t think you’ll be happy til you do. Ignore other people’s “looks”, they can’t see the finished vision. I don’t think new house numbers are an accessory you need to “back away from”. I think they are necessary to go with the new decor

  7. You’ve been one busy chic! My vote is to ditch the railings too. I’m sure you it will be wonderful if you decide to keep them or the city requires it, but you’re right, it would be more open and airy.

    Loving your progress and beautiful home! Be back next week:)

  8. I think losing the rails will open up the space so much making it feel more roomy, but it also removes a little of the “privacy” feel. My vote would be to lose them though.

  9. I say go for it! It’s probably hard to imagine how no railing will look without seeing these inspiration images, but it totally makes sense. It will open up the porch to make it feel bigger and open to the yard, and let your decor shine! Can’t wait to see more next week :)

  10. Loving your choices so far! And as much as I really like the look without the railings, I think it appears your porch is just one step taller than all of the examples. Maybe a low railing? What a bummer about checking into the code though.

  11. I have to get the ItSums app!! I know what you mean about the railings…I don’t think it looks bad as is but when I see your inspiration photos I kinda like it without them.

  12. Have you ever considered whitewashing the brick? I think that would tie in the columns to the base nicely regardless if you removed the spindles or not. I observe that many of your inspiration pics have a more neutral / natural looking base. It’s coming together nicely! I love craftsman style homes. :)

  13. I was just typing the same thing. We were cited by the city for not having a rail on our deck. The maximum height is 12″ without a rail. I’m sure every city is a little different. Good luck!

  14. I see your vision with the railings removed but how much of a drop off is it to the ground? Is it “to code” to remove them? I think you need to get a house divided flag or at least a Tarheel flag to put out the majority of the time! Go Heels!

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