Cha Cha Cha Changes: New Buffet & Mintwood Home Art


{Photos by Paige Winn Photo unless otherwise indicated}

Cha Cha Cha Changes: New Buffet & Mintwood Home Art

I wouldn’t be a home blogger or a lover of interior design if I didn’t change up my home decor on a regular basis. I know it sounds a little nutty but it’s my passion and I never get tired of change! Sometimes, I get frustrated and wonder if my home will every be truly finished and I have to remind myself that, duh, if that were the case I wouldn’t have anything to share with you and my life would be pretty boring. My creative flame would be extinguished.

My passion for decorating has been a life-long love that was instilled in me by my mom. She’s not an interior designer by trade, rather a serial re-decorator like myself. She taught me that nothing has to be permanent, you can like all different kinds of styles and you can be free to change your mind – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Thanks mom for creating this monster in me!





I added some map wrapping paper from HomeGoods to the shelves and drawers of the buffet.



Grits just can’t help himself! #curiouskitty



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If you rewind just a bit you probably know that I recently moved our dining room storage console into my son’s room to hold his books. Well guess what, I’ve been itching for a change ever since! I originally installed floating shelves above that piece for storage while we were renovating the kitchen. We built floating shelves for the kitchen, so once the reno was complete we didn’t have a need for this set too. Plus, as I get older I find myself becoming more of a minimalist and I don’t like seeing lots of clutter.

Here was the dining room area before:


{photo by me}

Here are the floating shelves in our kitchen:


{Photo by Laura Sumrak}

One of the things that I love most about being a home blogger is the ability to share new shops and sources that you otherwise might not come across! Mintwood Home is a fairly new-to-me online home decor shop that has a fantastic selection of modern yet classic home accessories and furniture.

During my hunt for the perfect storage buffet and art to complete this space I came across these lovely ladies from Mintwood. These abstract prints of women’s faces that I’ve seen around the web really intrigue me and I’ve been looking for a spot to use them. Juniper Briggs is the artist and she has clearly got talent! I think these gals are the perfect dinner party conversation starter and I love the chic, California beach vibe, they give off. This may be a fleeting trend or it may be here to stay, but either way I love them!

Luckily I scooped up this gray, painted buffet off Craigslist just in time! I wanted a piece that was very functional but also made a design statement in character and color. The person I bought it from painted it himself and it probably needs a little sanding and another coat. I love the gray color though and he gave me the extra paint – win, win!

In addition to the art prints that I ordered for our space there are so many pieces from Mintwood that I fell in love with. The furniture is to die for and the gold accessories, barware and accessories are so fun too!  I’ve rounded up my favorite picks from their collection in all styles. You should take a minute and browse around because you will surely find that extraordinary piece you’ve been looking for. And it’s great for gift giving too if you guys are already in the Christmas buying mode. I try to start shopping earlier and earlier each year and I find when I do I’m much more at peace during the holidays!


  1. Abstract face print // 2. Gold drum pendant // 3. Trellis wallpaper // 4. Striped cheese board // 5. Bar cart // 6. Sunburst mirror // 7. Gold leaf glasses // 8. Navy dresser // 9. Pineapple tumbler // 10. Mirror chest // 11. Gold flatware // 12. Ginger jar

Also noteworthy is Mintwood Home’s custom pillow option! You choose a size, fabric and the pillow edge and you have the exact pillow you want. Don’t worry, they have ready-made pillows too. No matter which route you take the fabric selections is phenomenal!


I find more and more online shops and start up businesses owned by young creatives on a daily basis and I love sharing them with you! Mintwood Home’s thoughtfully curated collection definitely deserves highlighting!

Hopefully you don’t think I’m crazy, or get tired of the constant change that happens around here, because let’s be honest it probably won’t stop anytime soon :) Let’s just say my home can be the test kitchen, so-to-speak, for different design styles and trends. You can see how I incorporate different styles and decor into my home and if you like it you can replicate or if you’re not feeling it wait for the next change. One thing I can promise is that change is yet to come…

Cheers and enjoy one of my new favorite shops!


{This post is sponsored by Mintwood Home. All opinions and designs are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Simple Stylings possible!}

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