Kitchen Renovation: Demo Day

Kitchen Renovation: Demolition Day

So here we go guys! Are you ready for the step by step kitchen reno? Well today it’s demo day! Not really today of course – oh how I wish I could write in real time for every post but that’s not how real life is, right? Life is messy and so is demoing a kitchen :)

Thankfully I had a great crew of friends and family and we carefully dismantled all the cabinets and floors and removed the appliances. There’s not to much to explain here, we just used crowbars, hammers and drills and worked as we went.

It actually took less time than I had thought, not even a whole day! Bye bye peeling linoleum, warped vinyl and cracking cabinets! Little man couldn’t stand not getting in on the action!








Here it is all gone…now commence no cooking for weeks on end :)

Kitchen Renovation: Demolition DayIn case you missed the final inspiration and design board you can read about it here. You can also read how I got to the final design here, here and here.

Here is the plan and I’m so excited for it to come to life! I never thought I would get to design my very own kitchen from the ground up!

Kitchen Renovation: Demolition Day


Next up is the tile flooring so stay tuned…



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  1. Oh, so exciting! Yay! On a side note, we are getting ready to pull the trigger on our sink and faucet and I keep looking at your picks. Pairing a drop-in (that’s what it looks like and what we need) with a brass faucet…. now you got me thinking. =)

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