DIY Faux Demijohn Bottle

Good morning friends!

So it’s the first DIY of 2015 and I couldn’t be more excited to share this one with you.

DIY Faux Demijohn Bottle
DIY Faux Demijohn Bottle

Are you familiar with all of those great vintage demijohn or wine bottles you see in antique stores? Well, I’ve coveted one (or many) for along time now but I can’t justify the cost for an accessory that is a ‘want’ not a ‘need’.

Retail stores sell them too but they can be even more pricey.  The ones from Birchlane are $79-$129 and the ones from Pottery Barn are from $99-$199.

DIY Faux Demijohn Bottle
DIY Faux Demijohn Bottle

{Birchlane recycled glass bottles}


{Pottery Barn oversized wine bottles}

Can I just tell you how excited I was, like jumping up and down in the aisle excited, when I spotted this giant jug of apple cider in our local grocery store for $4!

Do you see it’s potential? Okay, take a minute, now do you see it?


Immediately after consuming the entire jug of cider over the Christmas break I peeled off the label, glued some twine around the top and filled it with holly branches we clipped from the yard.


DIY Faux Demijohn Bottle
DIY Faux Demijohn Bottle








Okay, probably not the best, or coolest, or most original but definitely the easiest and cheapest with the most impact :)

I can’t wait to use this all over the house. I may even go grab a few more before they disappear until next season.



I want also want to take a minute and thank you guys for reading and following along on our DIY journey!!! I’m so thankful for each of you and 2014 never would have happened without your support and readership. I hope you enjoy all the fun projects we have planned this year!




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  1. I am totally showing this post to my husband because I have saved about six or seven apple cider jugs since they’re so cute to do something with them “some day”. He doesn’t have my vision and is just annoyed that I’ve had these empty jugs in our cabinet for months

  2. That is such an awesome upcycle of a $4 bottle of cider! Love how the twine makes it special. Now I am going to be looking at things at the grocery store in a whole new light. Also that pic of your little man with the bow tie??? Could that be any cuter????

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