The No Makeup Home Tour: Bloggers Share All

The No Makeup Home Tour: Bloggers Share All

Happy Tuesday y’all! Today is going to be a fun day because it’s a real life home tour day! And not only am I sharing but so are 10 of my favorite blogger friends! Don’t you love seeing the “real life” homes of designers, bloggers you follow and even friends – not just the pretty pictures on social media? I know I do and I’m not holding anything back today! When Kyla from House of Hipsters asked me to join this no-stress, fun and completely REAL home tour I didn’t even have to think about it! Well, come on in and check it out (and there is a full list of the other bloggers at the end of this post)…

…Sooo…this is how our home looked this weekend and I’m totally not kidding! Usually I save any DIY or room makeover projects for the weekends as I would lose my mind trying to work on that kind of stuff during the week. So it’s not unusual to find my house completely picked up on Friday and then by Sunday it looks like the Tasmanian devil tore through! This weekend was no exception because I am working on a project in my son’s room as well as getting ready for a big neighborhood yard sale.

Sure enough, total chaos ensued. Books were everywhere, random furniture in the living and piles of IKEA instructions and miscellaneous parts strewn about.

Even Shrimp and Grits were a little shocked by the chaos!

The same goes for my room and office! Yard sale clothes on the rack, piles of hangers and just a generally messy desk.

And this is what my bed looks like everyday! I wish I could say we were the people that made our beds every morning and started our day off fresh but we are just not those people. One day in my head we will be though :)

The silver lining in all of this is I usually give myself a very clear stopping point for the project and come Monday morning the house is usually back in order, usually being the operative word here of course. If I didn’t do this I would literally lose my mind…been there, done that.

So, for this project I knew I wouldn’t finish painting by the end of the weekend but I finished what had to be done and I have a plan in place for when the rest will get done. Trust me, this is not how I always (or used to) operate but remember that whole mission organization thing, well it’s helping me set realistic goals and giving me the discipline to stop before I get carried away.

This isn’t the first time I’ve shared a real life home tour either. You can see another version HERE and HERE if you just enjoy reading about home chaos like me :)

But I promise this is what it CAN look like from behind the lens of a professional photographer (AND when it is clean!).

{Professional photos by Laura Sumrak}

Well guys, as if my chaos isn’t enough you’ve got 10 other perfectly imperfect homes to visit! Thanks so much for being here and make sure to check out the other real life homes on the tour! The full schedule is below.

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