Coastal Cool: An Entertainment Center and Vignette

I've always been inspired by the beach and it is where my decorating style was born. I enjoy lots of different styles but a coastal inspired home is my first love. Blues, greens and grays are a beautiful color combination and the warmth of driftwood, rope and sea grass can create a perfect harmony of color and texture.          {Room}                              {Art Print}                          {Vignette} There is a blank wall in our living room next to the fireplace that has always been an awkward space and I never knew what to put there. Once I got rid of my sectional sofa the emptiness was even more noticeable. I can talk to people all day long about their rooms but when it comes to my own home there are a few pesky spaces that I have the hardest time with. I had been looking around at thrift stores for the perfect piece and found this old country cabinet at the Habitat Restore for $40! It's terribly old-fashioned and doesn't match my style at all but it was in great condition and the perfect size for the empty wall. And it could easily house our tv equipment. I knew with a little paint it could be transformed into the perfect coastal cabinet. Lowe's Home … [Read More...]

bar cart shelves 7

Small Space Bar Cart Alternative

You know those projects you're just so excited to reveal? Well, this one I created for eHow.com has me all giddy inside because it was so much fun and I love the way it turned out! I'm envious of all the people with unique and vintage bar carts … [Read More...]

OB-Northface Sale

#NSale: North Face for the Family

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to an end and I was browsing again the other day and realized what great deals there were on The North Face! I love The North Face products but I'm rarely able to splurge on them. Most of these jackets here … [Read More...]


La Petite Bloom Workshop: Charlotte NC

  Last week I was able to attend the La Petite Bloom workshop here in Charlotte, NC. I've followed the Bloom on social media for a while now and have been dying for the chance to see what it was all about! … [Read More...]

Simple Stylings by Ariana Clare_50

Why Fashion and Other Simple Truths?!?!

Photo by Ariana Clare This post may seem a little vain because of the title and the pictures but it's not, trust me, I want to tell you a story... I've been wondering how you feel about the blog lately and I want to talk a little bit. It's … [Read More...]

stump table 7

DIY Modern Stump Side Table

You probably know that stump tables are all the rage right now and last year I stumbled across a nicely shaped stump in our neighborhood. I knew I would make a table out of it but I wanted to do something completely different to give it a modern … [Read More...]

OB-Nordstrom Sale - Decor

#NSale: Home Decor & Open To The Public

    As you all probably know by now the Nordstrom Early Access sale for cardholders has been going on this week and it opens to the public today!! I'm sure you feel like you've seen enough fashion from me for one week so I decided … [Read More...]


Easy DIY Project Clean Up With Wet-Naps®

I hate to clean, I seriously loath it and if I had the money I would start a cleaning service just so I could have permanent help. Being a single, working mom I just don't have the time. Combine my deep disgust for cleaning in general with my … [Read More...]

Coastal Console

Get The Look: Coastal Console

Good morning Monday, you're always just a little painful but I look forward to how you will unfold! So I have a big announcement here today! I'm starting a new series on the blog called Get The Look. I'm going to share an interior room or … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.55.26 PM

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Sneak Peek

***I JUST FINISHED BROWSING AND LINKED MY FAVES BELOW*** Happy Thursday! It's that time of year again...you know...only the best department store sale EVA!!!! Early access to the Nordstrom's Anniversary starts in just a few hours and if you're a … [Read More...]

Boozy pops styled

Summertime Boozy Pops

Once upon a time on a hot summer day there were two gals who thought it a splendid idea to cool off with some tasty popsicles treats. Toss in a lakeside setting, a farmhouse table, gold flatware and some Prosecco and it's pretty much a fairy … [Read More...]


Cool Photos and a 4th of July Recap

Hey you guys! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July celebration! It was a great weekend here, particularly in photos, so I felt the need to share some weekend scenes. I found this really cool tutorial on light painting with sparklers from A … [Read More...]


Flower Power

Photography by Ben Clark I'm going to say a few words to describe my favorite things when it comes to fashion: flowy, wide leg, elastic waist band, fun patterns! Any one??? I also love to find pieces I can wear to work and that can carry … [Read More...]

Fur coffee table detail

DIY Faux Fur Coffee Table

You might have noticed a chic new  faux fur coffee table in my post about my new sofa a couple days ago. I'm excited to show you how I gave this basic coffee table a high-end look with a few simples updates. You can find the full tutorial over at … [Read More...]


Pineapples, Palms, Flamingos Oh My!

What is it about these seasonal novelty items that make us go absolutely bonkers? Honestly I don't have an answer for that because I love the pineapples, palms and flamingos as much as the next person....so if you can't find a reason not to like … [Read More...]