Home Depot Style Challenge: Outdoor Games Reveal

Okay y’all, today’s the day! My Home Depot Style Challenge post is live!

I’m so happy to be able to finally spill the beans about what we’ve been working on for the last month.

Eeek! See my picture down there?!?!?


So you all know Harry Potter right? We created our very own version of the Harry Potter Quidditch game with materials from none other than The Home Depot!

IMG_8031 (2)


This is how we roll!


And we must get into character.



Here are a few games that have already posted so make sure to check them all out. There are so many creative games from this awesome group it’s kind of blowing my mind!



 Check out a new twist on cornhole by Liz from the Liz Marie Blog


Camille from Planning Pretty created an whimsical croquet set


This Kubb Game from Mandy at Fabric Paper Glue is so cool! I actually didn’t know what Kubb was until researching for this challenge!


So without further adieu…head over to The Home Depot’s Apron Blog to see my full post with loads of pics and details!

And stay tuned for more of the “how to’s” to come!


Home School Room Design Board

Happy Monday Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We actually got to relax and explore our city a little which was a nice change of pace.

Today I wanted to share with you a design board that I created for an amazing friend of mine. She is a mother of four and is currently home schooling two children so I really wanted to do something for her. She is an incredible mom and teacher and I am in awe of how well she does both. And, did I mention that her kids are like little baby Einteins!?!?

They just moved into a new home that is perfect for their family but it is a DIY work in progress. They’ve done so much already, painted cabinets and walls, but with the school year approaching they wanted to focus on their new home school room.

OB-Home School

The room is in the front of the home when you walk in so it has to be organized and pretty yet still fun and playful for the kiddos. We’re also going to use a lot existing furnishings and accessories so that is exciting for this DIY girl!

When I started the board I was excited but nervous because I’ve never designed this type of room before. But I’m fresh off completing my studio office makeover so at least I was in ‘workspace’ mode :) You can see my office reveal here.

 I knew when I found out we would be working on the home school room that I’d draw my inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers EVER: The Handmade Home. Ashley and Jamin created a stunning and creative room for home schooling their own children and I’ve loved it since the first time I saw it. You can read about it here.


Our color palette is going to be a little more muted than our board shows, more like Ashley and Jamin’s space, but I think we’re off to a good start!

I’m also drawing inspiration from the DIY pegboard that Katie from Punk Projects created. Check out how she made hers here. You gotta love a functional pegboard painted super cute!

What do you think? Do you think design boards are helpful when trying to pull a room together? If so you’re in luck because I have some BIG news coming soon!

I’m going to be launching my eDesign services in the next few weeks so if you have a space in your home that’s just stuck in a rut and need some inspiration make sure to check back. Or you can email me if you’re interested in more information and/or getting on my list! You can check out a few more of my designs on my pinterest board.

Also, I’ll be giving a huge discount to the first few clients that sign up so if you don’t want to miss the updates make sure to subscribe to get my posts and announcements delivered to your email. Just fill out your email in the box at the top right of this page. Once you do that you will need to confirm your email so make sure to check your inbox!

On Wednesday my Home Depot Style Challenge post goes live so come back to see what we’ve been working on!

Have a great week friends!


The Story Of Our Fur Babies

Happy Friday Friends!

I’m popping in to let you know that I’m hanging out with my dear friend Julia of Cuckoo 4 Design today! I had the great pleasure of meeting Julia in person last weekend at Haven and she was as sweet and adorable as I knew she would be!


So head over to Cuckoo 4 Design and check out Julia’s style. You will not want to miss her cross wall hallway and her dining room and abstract art gallery wall. Actually just tour her whole home, you won’t be disappointed!!

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!






My Broken Shoe & Other Haven Mishaps

Hello friends! I took a much needed break from the blog this weekend while I attended the Haven Conference in Atlanta. Haven is a DIY/home design blogging conference that happens every year and I’ve been dying to attend!

I know there are so many Haven posts filling up blogland right now but to be honest I’m still too overwhelmed to write an informative post. So like any newbie Haven attendee would do, I’m going to share some conference bloopers!


To start the journey I had strategically planned to have my hair blow dried at one of my favorite salons. I scheduled the appointment for 10am with plans to leave between 10:30am-11am with my friend and travel buddy, Mallory, from Charming in Charlotte. And if you haven’t found her blog yet it’s a must read y’all! Mal rocks!

The stylist was great and VERY thorough but I didn’t pull out of the salon until after 11:15am. And of course after Mallory picked me up she had already gotten coffee so I had to make her stop for me :)

I thought my day would turn around after the coffee…well…

I had planned on bringing my roomies a little gift (for putting up with my frantic self) and even though it was on my list along with a notebook, a good bag to carry all of the awesome swag, etc, I realized I never made them. I was stressing about it because I really wanted to do something but my roomies were so gracious! I’m not really sure what I did end up packing that was on my list other than way to many clothes!

We finally make it to Atlanta and couldn’t be more excited. Since we were “drivers” to the conference we lugged in our 2 (I mean 15) bags, got through the check-in lines and headed to our room. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly but I was a bit of a bumbling idiot which I guess is really not that unusual for me.

I woke up the next morning with such hopeful ambition. I knew the day would be jam packed with informative session and it started out great…until I realized that my fly (yes the zipper on my pants, sorry is that TMI?) had been down for about three hours. I’m talking, white skinny jeans and black zipper with a shirt that didn’t quite cover. You feel me? I’m not one to get embarrassed too easily so I brushed it off zipped it up and kept moving.

During the conference a handful of bloggers were chosen to participate in a coffee table challenge where we had 10 minutes to pick accessories and style a coffee table in front of other attendees. Just shortly before the challenge I had to run to the room to use the bathroom and grab some more business card.

So, I’m riding the elevator up to the 7th floor and by about floor 4 I realize I’m almost alone in the elevator with the one and only Mandi from Vintage Revivals (who is just the sweetest by the way!). Mandi was incredibly friendly and started chatting with me right away. Then she asked me for my card and with shrunken shoulders I had to tell her I was out. I mean REALLY?!?!?! I eventually found Mandi again after her awesome session and brought her my card and we chatted for a minute. She could not have been more sweet and humble!

Red faced as I was I made it to my room where of course my key wouldn’t work. At this point I only had about 7 minutes to get downstairs for the style challenge. So without cards I headed back down to use the restroom and get to the challenge.

As I was walking towards the auditorium I made a funny step and felt a pop in my shoe. Would you believe that the strap on my adorably cute silver wedges broke (sorry mom, these were yours!). Yep! Broken shoe and all I’m off to the coffee table challenge to run hobble back and forth from the table to where the accessories were under a time limit. At this point I’m screaming in my head, RRREEEAAALLLYYY?!?!

Here is our team and table. We didn’t win the challenge but I thought it turned out pretty well regardless!


From left to right:

Life on Viriginia Street, Windgate Lane, Sand and Sisal, Our Rosey Life, Me


Needles to say I was completely frazzled for the first 24 hours so I apologize to any of you that I met and chatted with and probably made no sense whatsoever.

Despite all of this I met so many bloggers whom I’ve connected with and can now call true friends as well as many new ones!

There are so many more but here are a few of the great friends I met!!!

Sorry for the iPhone pics, I never even pulled out my other camera :(


From left to right:

Me, The White Buffalo Styling Co., Cuckoo 4 Design, The Chronicles of Home, A Home Full of Color, The Thriftress, Primitive and Proper


From left to right:

Blue I Style, Me, Tiny Sidekick, Upcycled Treasures


From left to right:

The White Buffalo Styling Co., Iron & Twine


Me and Charming in Charlotte with Whitney and Erin from the awesome Home Depot Team! Their booth was so creative and I love seeing several of my projects hanging on the Instagram wall!


From left to right,

Me, The White Buffalo Styling Co., Charming in Charlotte

I loved so many things about the conference ~ the sessions, meeting sponsors, chatting with everyone ~ but my favorite part was meeting so many beautiful and talented friends. Some that I know I’ll be friends with for a lifetime!

Now, I’m ready to hit the ground running and use all of this new found knowledge to bring you an even better Simple Stylings blog!

Lots of exciting stuff to come, I wish I could spill all the beans now!

Home Depot Style Challenge posts are starting to go live this week so I’ll let you know as soon as our game is posted!


Modern Coastal Studio Office Reveal

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I’m so excited to show you my studio office today!

I’ve got to tell you this was probably the most difficult space that I’ve had to photograph. Mostly because the ceiling has weird vaulted angles and the window is directly at the back of the office and the light floods straight ahead. This is great for working but bad for photographing! Also, the space is long and narrow so it’s hard to a great shot of the large gallery wall.

But enough of the excuses! Here goes nothing…


And here is the before! Isn’t it horrible? I was so glad to see the blue go BAH-bye!


Let me warn you this post is going to be picture heavy because I had a hard time editing and I will be posting more details soon. This space is full of DIY’s!

This is my desk area and you can see the DIY desk, bulletin board, office chair and basket pendant (post to come).



I love this little corner to the right of my desk. The mirror is a HomeGoods find and the coffee filter pom poms are left over from our Christmas mantel.

And our fiddle leaf fig is still hanging in there too!




The bookshelves seemed massive to me when it came to styling and they were one of the hardest parts of the room to complete but I’m pretty happy with the results finally. I would have preferred not to use so many baskets but I needed them for storage and I already had them so there was no need to buy anything new.


I used four of these white Ikea plastic bins (two on either bookcase) to store little man’s arts, crafts, toys and books.



I hot glued some of my son’s dinosaurs to the lids of these storage jars as handles and painted them gold. Aren’t they fun?!?


Here is little man’s homework area and my endless collection of HomeGoods wrapping paper.



And here is the gallery wall and some of my favorite parts.






I also installed an Ikea Dignetet curtain wire to hang photography back drops. Yay! Now I have a place to photograph for blog posts.




This is a fun little DIY window treatment that I made out of the leftover Ikea fabric. I might have gone a little crazy with the black and white spots :)


This modern space is WAY outside my design comfort zone but I really enjoyed putting it together! I incorporated some coastal elements by adding twine to the basket pendant, the oversized woven basket on my desk and paint dipped baskets on the bookshelves.  The accessories, like the shell bowl, starfish, octopus print and large coral, also add a coastal touch.

This space has to wear so many hats. It’s a place for me to blog but also has to function as a small photography studio. We needed space for little man to do his homework as well as office supply and craft storage.


Wood tones combined with the white walls and light streaming in make it so cozy in here and fun to work!


So do you like it? Is it too modern?

There are so many details I can’t wait to share over the next couple weeks! I’m headed to Atlanta for the DIY blogging conference, Haven, tomorrow so definitely follow along on Instagram for all the fun this weekend!

I hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week and please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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