Healthy Avocado Toast with Cream Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes and Boiled Eggs

Rise and shine everyone! Hopefully you can tackle Monday a little easier with this healthy recipe that is oh so yummy!

So far I’ve been doing pretty well on my 2015 healthy eating plan. Well, I’m not following an exact plan just trying to eat more ‘real’ foods, more lean meats and veggies and less sugar. I’ve also cut out most carbs but I’m making an exception for this whole wheat bagel thin deliciousness.


There are lots of versions of avocado toast out there and I looked at a few but decided to close Pinterest and throw this little number together.

Also, I don’t really love tomatoes but I’ve discovered the secret of roasting them and they are amazing (in small doses of course).


Roasted Tomatoes

Slice tomatoes, place on a non-stick pan, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle on garlic and dried basil. Broil on low for 10 minutes.

Avocado Toast

Toast the bagel thin and spread on the cream cheese. Layer the avocado, roasted tomatoes (or regular tomatoes if you like) and boiled egg slices. I sprinkled them with crushed red pepper and a little salt to finish it off.

We also made one with a fried egg and it was just as tasty!




This new little breakfast idea was such a special treat and it really was delicious. In my book the protein packed goodness outweighed the splurge on the few carbs! And it’s just so pretty it makes me happy to look at.

It passed my little man’s test too but I’m lucky because he is a pretty adventurous eater!


I hope you all are having a great start to your week. Stay tuned because I’ll be posting the Lake House sources this week and you will not want to miss that!



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Weekend Wishing…

It’s been a busy week and I’m so happy the weekend is finally here!

I’ve been dreaming of spring and summer fashion already because in NC all of the winter stuff is clearing out already. But, I’m not quite ready for tank tops and flip flops. So I rounded up a few classic items (that I’m wishing for hence the title) that I think will help ease the transition from winter to early spring.

This poncho is probably my favorite item and I know it’s super popular but you can wear it with a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt under it and it’s perfect for the transition.

When I do shop this year I’m trying to be more intentional about my wardrobe and buy classic pieces instead of just grabbing anything that’s on sale. The blazer and peplum top are perfect.

I always seem to have a bag problem and I’ve been coveting a sturdy back that doesn’t fall over when it sits on the ground. It also needs to carry my 8 1/2 x 11 inch day planner and this bag from the Gap could be the perfect fit. I love the cognac color too!

Three words for you: Chic. Jogging. Pants. I mean who came up with this brilliant idea? I’m dying to try a pair and I love these sequin ones!

The striped jersey dress is a no brainer. Wear it with tights and tall boots now or just with ankle booties and a scarf in the early days of spring.

These slouchy ankle booties are too cute and I love them because my longer skinny jeans fit down in them without having to roll them up. I found a pair on clearance at Off Broadway but missed out on my size :(

And, I can’t help but love a pom pom beanie to get me through the end of winter…I say that hopefully! I think the beanie is the new scarf…at least for me!

OB-Weekend Wishing #1 insta

Poncho // Blazer // Peplum Top // Bag // Joggers // Striped Dress // Booties // Pom Pom Beanie

Oh and who knows, Weekend Wishing may turn into a weekly series! I guess it fits because I usually do more wishing than actually buying but I can’t pass up a great deal from time to time!

There are so many great sales right now too with stores trying to clear out their winter merchandise and here are just a few!

GAP: up to 75% off final sale items

J CREW: and extra 40%-50% off final sale items

NORDSTROM: sitewide sales

OLD NAVY: up to 50% off new spring styles through 1/28

TARGET: sitewide sales

Have a great weekend!



Home of the Month: Lake House Reveal

Good morning y’all! I’ve been waiting for today for awhile and I’m so excited to share my parent’s lake house with you as the first installment of a new series: Home Of The Month. Each month I’ll be sharing a fabulous home tour from friends, family, fellow bloggers or designers.

I haven’t been very successful at keeping up with any of my own series so far but I think I can handle once a month and I’m trying to add more consistency to my posting schedule so it’s really a win win.

ALSO, I’m starting a hashtag #SShomeofthemonth on Instagram and if you are a designer, home blogger, or just have a really fab home tour with beautiful photos and would like to be one of our monthly features tag your best pic and I’ll be choosing some to share!

Beware, these posts will be photo heavy but I’m not complaining :)


My parents recently finished building their new home on Lake Norman and it is a stunner! They basically designed, built and decorated it all by themselves which makes it all the more impressive. So without further ado…

Front Exterior.



There are no houses on the other side of the street so they have a 360 degree water view!



I drool over this door every time I pull in the driveway.




Oh yeah, that’s me on the left :)




Open Living Area.


Living Room.






Dining area.






IMG_2627 IMG_2465


Master Bedroom.





The entire back of the house is doors or windows so there is a ton of light coming in with gorgeous lake views.



Master Bathroom.




Second Bedroom.




Heading to the powder room.


Powder Room.



Third Bedroom.


I had to take advantage of this lovely distressed white mirror waiting to be hung.


This is one of my favorite corners in the house.



Guest Bathroom.



Laundry Room.


My favorite tile in a herringbone pattern…and my favorite boots.


Outdoor Living Area.


View from the back.


Back Exterior.



Isn’t she a beauty and aren’t my parents incredible designers?!?!

I’ll be writing a source post soon so if there’s anything you would like to know about leave a comment and I’ll make sure to include it.

**Remember if you have a home tour that you think would be a great feature make sure to tag #SShomeofthemonth on Instagram and I’ll be choosing some homes to feature!**

I can’t wait to see more beautiful homes each month!

Cheers, it’s almost Friday!




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