One Room Challenge, Week 3: DIY and Plan Update

Happy One Room Challenge link day everyone! Have you checked out all the ORC participants yet? There are so many incredible projects going on that I can hardly keep up and I can’t wait to check out those linking up today. You can get the scoop and check out the participants at Calling It Home here.

If you are an ORC first timer you can find my Week 1 post here and my Week 2 post here!


As you know we are at the beach this week and if you follow me on Instagram you have seen some pics of what we’ve been up to. I’m feeling a bit stressed because I know I am missing a full week of work time but I have some DIY projects to share with you and updates to the plan.

When we were building the deck in the fall I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of outdoor fire pit. Last year I saw how Kristin from The Hunted Interior used a white chiminea on her patio and I knew I had to have one. Doesn’t her’s look incredible?


{The Hunted Interior}

I went on the hunt for the perfect, large mouth chiminea and finally found an affordable one in Raleigh, NC. So we hit the road and brought this fat boy home. Yep, that’s what the name of the model was :)


I wasn’t exactly sure the best way to paint it so I cleaned it off and sprayed it with Rustoleum’s white High Heat paint from Home Depot.



 After one can of paint:



After two cans of paint:


I figured I would need to give it a light sanding and another coat or two but I wanted to see how the paint would hold after a few uses. The paint did crack in several places but overall it did pretty well.

I sanded it down and used another can of paint and so far so good!


After the third can of paint…and a photo bomber with bubbles!


The base had rusted some already so I decided to sand it down and spray it with black high heat paint for protection.


Chiminea fun:


Next up is our stump side table.

My son and I were walking in our neighborhood one day and noticed a fallen tree that looked like it had been sliced a couple times but never removed. We watched it for a few months and finally decided we should attempt to bring it home with us!

And here is how it went down:


Luckily the stump was pretty dry and the bark came off easily. We have been sanding it down with an electric sander every other day or so to get it smooth and make sure it gets fully dry.





I think this will make a perfect little side table on our deck along with our nautical spool side table that we DIY’ed a few weeks ago. You can read that tutorial here.


As for our punch list, this is where we stand:

1. Stain and pressure wash the deck. {in process picking out stain which will hopefully happen this coming week}

2. Paint the awning and door trim and touch up the door. {bought exterior trim paint}

3. Sell current table and chairs on craigslist and hunt for an awesome deal on furniture. {in progress}

4. Buy Tiki torches and mount them: from Home Depot.

5. Paint the chiminea and base. 

6. Find/build two side tables: using nautical spool side table and a DIY stump table

7.  Find and hang an arts and crafts style light fixture. {searching but no luck yet}

8. Purchase rug, outdoor pouf and pillows: Target.

9. Figure out grill placement.

10. Build or hunt for a vintage cooler/and or bar cart. {found a cooler at HomeGoods but holding out for a vintage one}

11. DIY upcycled marquee anchor.

12. Hang string lights: from Target.

13. Find pots/planters and decide on plants. {began researching plants at Home Depot}

14. Shop our home and thrift stores for styling accessories.

15. Throw a PARTAY!!! {this is my favorite part!}

This is probably my last post for the week while we finish up our spring break trip but I hope to post some Tybee Island and Savannah eye candy pics early next week!

Have a great weekend folks!


Easter On The Road

Hello there! I hope y’all are having a great week. We are at Tybee Island, GA, our annual spring break trip, and I thought I would share how we take Easter on the road every year.


We love celebrating Easter at Tybee! Easter Sunday we always get up at the crack of dawn, grab some coffee and walk on the beach in the dark to the pier where a local church hosts an Easter sunrise service. It is absolutely beautiful and has become a family tradition.

Unfortunately Easter falls at the end of our trip this year so we are bummed that we have to leave on Saturday. We still like to take some Easter fun with us and the Easter bunny always finds us at the beach!


I pack everything we need for a simple celebration from egg dying kits and easy decorations to magazines for the grownups. Cadbury eggs and Palmer chocolate bunnies (only the hollow ones) are my weakness.

The Easter bunny leaves his goodies for the kiddos in sand buckets, the best Easter basket ever in my book!


I’m pretty sure the Easter bunny got it right from this quick iPhone snapshot!


How do you all celebrate Easter? Do you spring breakers take Easter on the road with you?

There won’t be a Wednesday Reads post this week but I have a great one lined up for next week. I will be back Thursday sharing Week 3 of the One Room Challenge so check back then!

Catch ya on the beach!


One Room Challenge, Week 2: How We Got Here and More Planning Details

Good morning and welcome back to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. If you missed the initial post you can read it here.

I don’t know about you but I am so excited about Week 2 of the ORC! I love seeing the inspirational plans and progress of all the contestants and the link ups! If you need the link to all the contestants posts you can head over to Calling It Home and check them out.


As you probably know from all of the social media teasing I have been working on my office/studio makeover for months now. I am still working on it and I promise it is so close and I will be sharing the reveal soon!

I don’t think I realized it until now but I am a major planner when it comes to a space that I am really invested in {not applicable to DIY projects} so this week for my ORC post I am going to give you a little photo tour of how we got to where we are with the deck and more detailed plans.

Another reason I am spending a lot of time planning this out is because we are headed to Tybee Island, GA for spring break on Saturday so I am going to miss a big chunk of work time. So I thought if I could plan and source everything on paper then I can hit the ground running when we get back.

Here is the design plan again from my inspiration board I shared last week.

OB-ORC deck

I have started and finished a couple DIY projects already though so I’m looking forward to sharing those with you during Week 3.

So here is a little photo tour of our deck build. I should have a whole series called Dad’s DIY, dedicated to all the projects that my Dad does for me around my house :) I know he has been anxious to see this post on the blog so here’s to all your hard work, Dad, you’re the best! Oh yeah, and we still have to stain this thing! I am a good project manager, right???

Also, there isn’t going to be a tutorial on how to build a deck, sorry, I just didn’t pay that much attention :( But feel free to leave any questions in the comment section and I will be happy to get answers for you as best I can!

Here is the before. Don’t mind everything strewn across the yard :) Yuck, right?!


Removing the steps and railings.


Hanging the support boards.


Digging holes for the posts.


Papa’s little helper.


Is he not the cutest in his element!





Cutting posts to size. 



The floor is down and railings are almost finished. 


Finishing the steps and railings.


And here it is. We finished up just before the holidays so needless to say I’ve been anxious to decorate and use this space.

We still have to pressure wash and stain it but isn’t gorgeous!!! Dad, you’re amazing!!!


So here’s the to do list:

1. Stain and pressure wash the deck.

2. Paint the awning and door trim and touch up the door.

3. Sell current table and chairs on craigslist and hunt for an awesome deal on furniture. {in progress}

4. Buy Tiki torches and mount them: from Home Depot.

5. Paint the chiminea and base. {in progress}

6. Find/build two side tables: using nautical spool side table and a DIY stump table

7.  Find and hang an arts and crafts style light fixture.

8. Purchase rug, outdoor pouf and pillows: Target.

9. Figure out grill placement.

10. Build or hunt for a vintage cooler/and or bar cart.

11. DIY upcycled marquee anchor.

12. Hang string lights: from Target.

13. Find pots/planters and decide on plants.

14. Shop our home and thrift stores for styling accessories.

15. Throw a PARTAY!!! {this is my favorite part!}

It seems like a long list but I’m feeling pretty good about it so far. Ask me again during weeks 5 and 6 :)

So here are just a few pics of what needs to be tackled and some purchases I’ve made to get a few of those things out of the way.

Painting is desperately needed and a new light fixture, wouldn’t you agree? What is that wimpy little thing anyway?



And what about the door where my dogs scratch? I just painted the doors in the fall!


And the comes the fun stuff…


 And the pretty stuff…


 I hope you’re enjoying all of the room makeovers and maybe its even inspiring you to do a little spring refreshing in your own homes.

We are headed out of town for spring break next week and I’m going to try and take a much needed break but make sure to look for a few DIY projects for Week 3 of the ORC. I will post some Tybee Island fun on social media too so make sure to follow along.

You can find all of the linking participants Week 2 posts here so head on over and check ‘em out!




















Wednesday Reads: The Dot Children’s Book

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday again and I have a great read to share with you and this one is all about the kiddos!


My little man is in kindergarten this year and we are knee deep in the learning to read phase of life. I am not going to lie, so far it has been a pretty big challenge. The problem is I know he is capable of reading much more than he makes an effort to read. Seriously, I’ve heard him when he doesn’t think I’m listening.

I’m trying to be patient until it clicks for him and it is hard but then there are these beautiful glimpses when he connects with a book or figures out a whole sentence on his own without my help that are priceless. I can’t wait until reading on his own unlocks the huge imagination inside of him that I know is in there.

Since this is where we are I wanted to share with you a really great book that we came across last week.

Little man’s class does a daily book exchange where they bring a book home each night to read and the next morning at school they return it and choose a different book. The other day he came home with a book that I was unfamiliar with called, “The Dot”, by Peter H. Reynolds.



When we started reading the book I honestly didn’t think much of it but after a few pages I was hooked. Vashti, the main character, is in her art class and doesn’t think she can paint but her clever teacher asks her to draw anything. “Just make a mark and see where it takes you,” the teacher said. So Vashti grabbed a marker and paper and draws a dot. Surprisingly, the teacher looks at the paper then asks Vashti to sign her work and the next week she had it framed and hung over her desk in the classroom.

When Vashti saw it she was proud but realized that she could do better so she started painting dot after dot until she was able to fill a wall full of her dot paintings at the school art show. At the art show she encountered a little boy who was admiring her paintings and he said that he could never draw like her. Vashti told the little boy that she thought he could and gave him a piece of paper and asked him to draw. He drew a shaky line on the page and Vashti looked at it, handed it back to him and asked him to sign it.




That is how the book ended. A simple act from a brilliant teacher unlocked the creative, self expression in Vashti that she did not know was there and gave her confidence to pass that wisdom along. I must live under a rock because apparently this book has spurred so much attention that there is even an International Dot Day! You can read about it here.

I don’t know about y’all but before my son started school and really before I started this blog I hadn’t given much thought to our “creative selves” and the importance of creative learning in school. Believe it or not, I never gave it nearly as much weight as a lot of other subjects such as reading, writing and even foreign language but my heart and my mind have changed over this year.

We have been beyond blessed with a school that focuses so much on individuality and creativity of its students as part of their educational experience and I’m so thankful. I have seen my son grow in so many ways and I believe much of it has to do with the creative freedom that he has at school and now at home.

They have music class, art class, they perform, they paint, they’re recognized for their art, they study famous artists, musicians  and authors and I could go on and on…but I won’t :)

I will leave you with some pictures from their class art show!




Below is a portrait of Mommy!





If you haven’t read this book with your kids run, don’t walk, to your nearest library or bookstore and snatch it up! It really is a sweet book with a simple but important message about expressing and owning your own individual creativity. And, the illustrations aren’t too shabby either :)

I hope you have a great rest of the week and come back tomorrow for my week 2 post of the One Room Challenge!


With A Little Help From My Friends…A Dining Chair Dilemma

Happy Monday Everyone!

Okay friends, I am going to solicit your help this morning! In the words of the Beatles: “With a little help from my friends,” hopefully I’ll be able to decide on some new chairs for our dining room soon! You guys have great ideas and I always love your comments and suggestions!

I am in a bit of a dining chair dilemma! I know this isn’t an end of the world kind of thing but I could still use your help. See, I have these wooden chairs in my dining room that I bought off craigslist awhile back and painted coral. I still love the color and it is an accent color in our home but I am leaning more towards light and airy these days.



They are also a little worn out and I may or may not have used hot glue to attach our chair swag at Christmas time :( But that could be easily touched up so I guess I’m really itching for a change.

I am just dreaming at this point but I would love some input! I want to stick with our light and bright cozy coastal vibe (wow that’s a mouthful) so I’ve come up with three options. Money will definitely be a factor if we do decide to change them out and these three styles can be found pretty comparable in price.


The dining area is pretty small and I am actually going to DIY some type of bench seating for one side so I will only need two chairs. I think the bench and lighter colored chairs will make the space feel a little bigger.

I also found these pretty wooden chairs at HomeGoods that I really liked but they are a little pricey (I know I’m a cheapo) and I’m not sure they would pair well with our table but feel free to weigh in on these too.


Feel free to also let me know if you prefer the coral chairs over these. I’m open to all opinions :)

I keep going back and forth on style but I think I am leaning in one direction now but I am excited to know what you guys think!

So shoot me a comment with your pick!!!


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