Home of the Month: The Many Faces of Our Small Bungalow

Home of the Month: The Many Faces of Our Small Bungalow

Happy Tuesday friends! Welcome to the Home of the Month for July…and guess who’s house it is?! Okay, that wasn’t hard to figure out, but can you believe I’ve never shared our home for this post?

I know you guys see my house on a regular basis here but I thought it would be fun to share the evolution of our home style by recapping home tours from over the years.

One of our first home tours that I shared on the blog was our 2013 Christmas Home Tour. I was a newby blogger at the time and I was so excited to decorate and photograph one of my very first home tours!

Home of the Month: The Many Faces of Our Small Bungalow

Next up is our 2014 fall home tour. The dining room looks completely different in this tour and I love seeing the progression. I think our biggest style faux pas has to be that doo doo brown couch! Not sure what I was thinking but I’m very glad my style evolved…quickly!

Here is a shot of our 2014 Christmas tour. This isn’t the best picture of the lot but it’s a good view to see the decor progression.

Here are a few pictures from my master bedroom tour from 2014.

Our home started to change a little more dramatically in the spring of 2015 and I attribute it to honing in on my design style and spending a lot of time on the blog and researching design more specifically. I definitely started taking a few more design risks.

You can see more changes in our 2015 fall home tour. We’re moving into more neutral territory with more bold accessory choices and attention to detail.

Here is a sweet little pic from my little man’s Christmas decor!

By the time we reached 2016 the kitchen renovation was complete and my design style had become more solidified. I like to mix traditional and contemporary and I moved even more toward neutral selections while using pops of color and a little more drama in our decor.

And by the the fall of 2016 I finally switched to a professional photographer. I think my pictures were decent for someone who didn’t have any experience shooting interiors but I knew if I wanted to take my blog to the next level I needed to hire a professional!

{Photo by Paige Winn Photo}

Here are a few more from another fall home tour in 2016.

{Photos by Paige Winn Photo}

Here are a few photos from our outdoor spaces! Not much has changed since we originally DIY’d the deck and the other elements out here.

These pictures were from our 2016 home tour of our work and play spaces. This was a fun post to write sharing the rooms where we work and play together.

And a few from our 2016 home tour also by Paige Winn.

Our 2017 spring tour was one of my favorites! We changed out our sofas (for the 3rd time) and added the cat shelves and really decluttered!

I even shared a “real life” home tour this year which is always so much fun! I never want you guys to think that our home is perfectly picked up. More likely than not it’s messier than it is clean!

You can find our very first complete home tour HERE and our most recent complete home tour HERE. You have got to check out the differences!

BEFORE: First complete home tour (scary I know!)

AFTER: Second complete home tour:

{Photos by Laura Sumrak}

How fun was that y’all?!?! A walk down memory (home tour) lane! I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the different stages of our home and how far we have come over the last 4 years. I hope you all have a great rest of your week!


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