Marshmallow Christmas Tree

Hi Guys! I hope y’all are well!

I have literally been sick since the day before Thanksgiving and I am finally feeling human again! And I have a TON to do.

I also have a confession. It is December 17th and I have not bought one present, nada, zilch. I haven’t felt well enough to shop, online or otherwise. Sorry present receivers but don’t worry it will happen. :)

I also feel like I have missed out on a lot of holiday fun stuff with the little man so we are packing it all in to seven days of fun! We are going to the movies, visiting Santa, shopping, getting hot chocolate and all of the other things our advent calendar is telling us to do :)

Hopefully I will have some time to blog in between all this holiday fun with some simple crafts, baking, DIY gift making and family hosting.

You can also follow along on Instagram and see all we are doing.

Here is a super simple craft that you can do with your little one that doesn’t need a written tutorial it is so easy. All you need is a cardboard tree cone, two bags of large marshmallows and a hot glue gun.

Start at the bottom of the cone, hot glue the marshmallows to the cone in a ring pattern and work your way up to the top. Top the tree with a treat of your choice.


The only tip I have would be the older the marshmallows the better because they are more stiff. We had an old bag on hand and a newer bag but the stiffer ones held the glue just a bit better but it really didn’t make too much difference.


I recommend putting the glue on the marshmallows and then handing them to your child to put on the cone or just handle the glue yourself. My little guy got his first little glue gun burn but he is tough. I told him soon enough he wouldn’t really feel it anymore :)


Any kid younger than about five will probably have a hard time with the glue but it is also fun to eat a few marshmallows and top the tree off with a simple cranberry or a fun treat!




Stay tuned for a jam packed Christmas countdown week!

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